Ideas for Adding Some Personality Into Your Kitchen Decor

I often share pictures of our kitchen extension on The Listed Home Instagram but I rarely share them on here, unless it’s to show our limestone flooring or it’s in the background of a craft project. But I’ve been scrolling though my phone and have come across some images of our kitchen that I’d really like to share. And explain why I think certain kitchen decor is a must, when you’re considering a kitchen upgrade.

Kitchen Decor Favourites

There are so many decor elements that you can include when planning a new kitchen. Whether you’re opting for a bespoke, handmade kitchen or ‘off-the-peg’ cabinetry from somewhere like IKEA, there are so many stylish ways to give your kitchen the wow factor and make it stand out from the rest.

Here are the kitchen decor favourites that I’ve used in our home.

Open Shelving

Open shelves offer both functionality and style. They allow you to display your favourite dishes, glassware, and decorative items while also adding an airy feel to the kitchen.

I feel that wall units can sometimes really make a space feel cramped. Especially homes with restricted head-height like ours.

Adding this open shelf lets the decorative splashback behind the sink really sing, whilst giving me a space to put cookery books, plants and kitchen decor.

Kitchen decor in The Listed Home — an open shelf over a Butler's sink.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Bold Splashback

Which brings me nicely onto… bold splashbacks! A colourful or patterned splashback can really inject personality into your kitchen design.

Whether you choose decorative tiles as we’ve done -or use bright glass or intricate mosaic patterns — a bold backsplash can make a statement and tie the room together.

Kitchen decor in The Listed Home — a decorative splashback adds interest.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Marble or Quartz Worktops

In our last home we had black grantite worksurfaces and in our old kitchen in the cottage we had Wenge worktops.

But the white quartz that we chose for this kitchen is by far my favourite. It looks sleek and luxurious but is also durable and easy to maintain, making them a practical choice for stylish homes.

Statement Lighting

A stunning pendant light or chandelier can become a focal point in the kitchen. Opt for fixtures that complement your overall design scheme and add a touch of elegance or modern flair.

I chose two relatively simple glass pendant lights over our island, but then we went BIG with the light over the kitchen table.

I’d seen this light from DAR Lighting months before our kitchen extension was even watertight and I completely fell in love with it.

Kitchen decor in The Listed Home — invest in statement lighting to give the wow factor.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

It was a high ticket item and — even though I searched and found similar designs — I didn’t love them quite as much as this. It’s fondly referred to as ‘The Blooming Onion’ (Google it to see why!).

It looks great from all angles —especially from the doorway looking into the kitchen from the dining hall.

Kitchen decor in The Listed Home — invest in statement lighting to give the wow factor.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Minimalist Design

Embrace a minimalist approach to kitchen decor by keeping surfaces clutter-free — and I say this with my tongue firmly in my cheek!

I’m a maximalist at heart — I love colour and ‘things’. I definitely have less on my worktops than I used to but I’ll never have the totally pared back, minimalist kitchen that I dream of!

Still, the intention is there and by streamlining your kitchen, hiding appliances such as toasters and microwaves away in cupboards, it defintely makes the kitchen feel less cluttered.

High-End Appliances

Invest in high-quality appliances. This will not only enhance the functionality of your kitchen but also elevate its style. Stainless steel is a perenial favourite but I love our black fridge-freezer. It works so well with the Crittall windows and doors, the lights over the island and the matt black sockets.

Kitchen decor in The Listed Home — black appliances give a high end look to a kitchen and are more unusual than standard white or stainless steel.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Natural Elements

Incorporating natural elements such as wood, stone, and plants can add warmth and texture to your kitchen decor. Consider adding wooden accents, a limestone floor, or a few potted herbs to bring the outdoors in and bring a touch of biophilic design into your kitchen.

Smart Storage Solutions

Clever storage solutions not only maximise space but also contribute to a tidy and organised kitchen. We may not all have the space for a walk-in pantry, but look for innovative storage options such as pull-out pantry shelves, vertical racks, and hidden compartments.

Our spice rack has been a roaring success.

It replaced a huge box that contained all of Mr D’s herbs and spices. It was difficult to locate exactly what was needed and, as a result, added to cooking prep time. And stress levels!

This new system works so well for us. The jam jars with black lids were from Amazon and Mr D wrote the names of the contents on the lids with an acrylic marker.

Kitchen decor in The Listed Home — this spice rack not only looks good but makews meal prep so much easier too.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Artwork or Wall Decor

Don’t overlook the walls when styling your kitchen. Hang artwork, framed prints, or decorative plates to add visual interest and personality to the space.

I bought the framed bus-blind years ago for the twin’s bedroom but ended up stealing it for the kitchen once it was finished.

Kitchen decor in The Listed Home — add cool artwork or wall decor to your kitchen.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.


When I announced that I was planning to wallpaper one of the kitchen walls, it was initially met with a little bit of resistance. But once it was done, we were all in agreement that it was the right thing to do.

It has given a bare, cold wall a bit of personality and frames the utility room beyond beautifully.

Kitchen decor in The Listed Home — wallpaper in a kitchen makes a room feel warm.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Kitchen decor in The Listed Home — wallpaper in a kitchen makes a room feel warm.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

To be honest, I think there’s a place for floral wallpaper in every room of every home! I absolutely love it.

Whether you go for a timeless classic like the William Morris wallpaper in our downstairs loo or a more modern pattern like the Galerie Home one I used in our kitchen, I think that it can elevate a space, give interest and texture and really make a bold statement. Particularly when it comes to kitchen decor.

Personal Touches

Finally, don’t forget to add personal touches that reflect your individual style and personality. Whether it’s a collection of vintage cookbooks, handmade ceramics, or family photos, incorporating personal elements into your kitchen decor makes it feel like home.

Small Kitchen Decor Ideas

Finally, I wanted to share the very best in small kitchen decor.

When we were planning our extension we had a really awkward space to consider. To the right of the utility room door, there was a space that our original kitchen designer had left. Literally as a space!

It only measures 40cm deep — which is a full 20cm less than standard cupboards.

But Callum at Molomade, who designed and built our kitchen cabinetry, made a perfect skinny little cupboard to fill the gap.

It’s 80cm wide and just 40cm deep. But is floor to ceiling and butts against the pantry cupboards

And I can say — hand on heart — it’s the most useful cupboard in our kitchen.

It houses all of our day-to-day crockery, mugs, and glasswear and seems to store way more than a usual cupboard, because it’s floor to ceiling. And the best thing is, because the shelves are relatively shallow, it’s easy to access everything.

If I was to create a kitchen again in the future, I’d 100% include more of these!!

Whether you're opting for a bespoke kitchen or 'off-the-peg' cabinetry, these decor elements will give your kitchen the wow factor and make it stand out from the rest.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
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