A Review of Quorn Stone (And Why I Love My Stone Floor…)

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I get lots of messages on my Listed Home Instagram account, asking about my stone floor in our downstairs living space. I thought, I’d write about our limestone flooring on here so I have somewhere to direct the next person to, who asks me anything about it!

My stone floor from Quorn Stone is the perfect choice for our cottage
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

We bought our limestone flooring — and matching exterior paving — from Quorn Stone; Google ‘My Stone Floor’, and they’ll also pop up.

They’re in the UK, fairly local to us — just over the border in Leicestershire — but as we bought the tiles during the first lockdown, we weren’t able to go to their showroom and look at the limestone up close.

But it wasn’t a problem; they have a brilliant website, and you can order up to four samples for free (we bought a further four for just £4.92.)

And, if you’re still struggling to make your mind up, full tile samples are also available for a charge.

Perfect if you’re not in driving distance of their showrooms.

Limestone Flooring From Quorn Stone

I ordered samples from 3 or 4 different suppliers but the limestone from Quorn Stone Flooring was by far our favourite. They have a fantastic range of limestone tiles, at affordable prices.

I was initially looking at Dijon Limestone and Crema Castello caught my eye too.

But, in the end, it was the Monte Carlo tumbled limestone tiles that won our hearts.

We bought our Monte Carlo limestone flooring for our kitchen extension from  Quorn Stone.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Its milky pale tones work really well with the stone walls in our house. It’s the most beautiful stone, and — incredibly — my stone floor is one of their more affordable options.

Monte Carlo limestone starts at just £39 per m2 — which is cheaper than some luxury vinyl flooring.

But for me, limestone is a clear winner as it’s really durable. Unlike vinyl (even the most expensive kind), it won’t dent or tear.

About Quorn Stone

Quorn Flooring are a lovely company to deal with.

Very knowledgeable and friendly and will answer any questions you might have. As you can imagine — I had LOTS!

Founded by Ramon Fernandez in 1995, Quorn Stone is a second-generation family business that initially began by importing handmade terracotta tiles from Spain. Those humble beginnings belie the fabulous business it is today.

Boasting five showrooms and almost 30 years of knowledge, their passion for sourcing and importing beautiful natural stone from around the globe now spans two generations.

And this dedication comes only second to providing their customers with — not only with beautiful flooring but — outstanding customer service.

What Other Flooring Do Quorn Stone Sell?

As well as limestone paving and flooring, Quorn also sells tiles and pavers in other natural materials too, including cobbles and marble tiles. Plus they have a vast range of porcelain tiles.

The images in the next two pictures show two different kinds of porcelain.

Wood Effect Porcelain
As well as paving and flooring in natural materials, Quorn also sells wood effect porcelain tiles.
Image credit: Quorn Stone — Limewash Oak Wood Porcelain
Stone Effect Porcelain
As well as paving and flooring in natural materials, Quorn also sells stone effect porcelain tiles.
Image credit: Quorn Stone — Bellemont Beige Porcelain

As well as interior flooring, they also have a beautiful range of exterior stone and porcelain.

Perfect for creating a luxe garden space — or continuing a seamless look from inside to out.

The Bellemont Beige Porcelain in the image below is the same as used in the kitchen above.

As well as paving and flooring in natural materials, Quorn also sells stone effect exterior porcelain tiles.
Image credit: Quorn Stone.
As well as limestone paving, Quorn also sells limestone cobbles.
Image credit: Quorn Stone — Clermont Gris Limestone Cobbles

Why Limestone Flooring is the Natural Choice for Our Home

For such a long time, I was set on having a poured resin floor. I thought that a pale, seamless finish would be the perfect choice for our new extension.

But although I still have a hankering for white resin (one day, maybe); natural stone flooring is the natural choice for our 350-year-old cottage.

Its beauty and simplicity work really well with the older parts of the house. It doesn’t fight with the existing fabric of the building and will really stand the test of time.

Bespoke wall mural from Les Dominotiers in the The Listed Home hallway — with Monte Carlo limestone floor from Quorn Stone
The beautiful wall mural from Les Dominotiers
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Green painted tongue and groove woodwork in the boot room of The Listed Home — with Monte Carlo limestone floor from Quorn Stone
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

And, equally, it works beautifully with the new extension.

Green and grey shaker kitchen in The Listed Home — with Crittall windows and doors. And Monte Carlo limestone floor from Quorn Stone
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Green and grey kitchen in The Listed Home — with Monte Carlo limestone floor from Quorn Stone
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Best of all, our limestone flooring from Quorn Stone is easy to clean, which is a bonus for a family with children and animals.

And — if we look after it and maintain it properly — it should be looking this good for the next 50 years or more.

Which is probably more than can be said for me! ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Quorn Stone based?

When we bought our limestone, Quorn had three showrooms: Loughborough, Hertfordshire and Surrey. But since then, they’ve opened another two showrooms: one in Bury St Edmonds, the other in Bristol.

Is your limestone ‘Dijon Limestone’?

No — we chose the Monte Carlo Tumbled Limestone.

Did you lay your limestone flooring yourselves?

No! This is one job we didn’t want to tackle ourselves! We employed a fantastic local tiler to install our limestone flooring. He screeded the floor and used fracture matting underneath the tiles, to ensure they won’t move or break — we would never have known to do this. Whilst we’re pretty hands-on DIYers, I’m so glad we had a professional do this job for us.

Is limestone easy to clean?

Yes — as long as it’s well-sealed when it’s installed. We’ve had ours down for three years now (and counting), and it still looks as good as it did when it was first laid.

Would you recommend Quorn Stone? Why didn’t you go with another supplier?

Yes — I would highly recommend them. The samples were high quality and a great size — larger than some of the other suppliers. Plus, their customer service was second to none. Quorn has a lifelong passion for their product, and it really shows.

Delivery was on time — and straightforward. And our beautiful tiles speak for themselves. They’re fantastic quality and perfect in our cottage.

* All prices stated were correct at the time of publication.

Originally published September 8 2021.

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  1. Hello, thank you for sharing your informative post. What is the kind and colour of the grout used? I have decided on limestone floor in my flat and the supplier recommends silicone grouting. Many thanks in advance.

    • Hello! Thanks for your message. The grout our tiler used is called Kerakoll Fugabella Color. I don’t remember the shade we chose in the end but there are about 50 colours to choose from :)

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