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Have you ever considered decorating with custom wall murals?

Made to measure wall murals have been around for a while now; they’re a little like wallpaper but — more often than not — they feature scenes or photographs. Some even have hand-painted, freeform designs; rather than a traditional repeat pattern.

There are various options; you can buy custom wall mural stickers, as well as mural print wallpaper. Some companies even offer allow you to create your own wall mural with a bespoke design.

The ones from Les Dominotiers are my favourite though — and here’s why!

Introducing Les Dominotiers

Les Dominotiers is a wallpaper publisher founded in 2015 by Frank Halard.

They’re based in Paris and produce custom-made panoramic scenery and traditional high-end wallpaper designs — using modern, paste the wall papers.

I came across them by a happy accident, when they messaged me via my Listed Home Instagram account and asked if I’d like to review their custom wall murals.

Custom Wall Murals from Les Dominotiers
The Les Dominotiers bespoke wall murals are so beautiful

Custom Wall Murals with a Difference

I had a look at the Les Dominotiers website — not really knowing what to expect — and was absolutely blown away by the beautiful designs.

Gorgeous, whimsical prints; often showing beautiful landscapes or magical scenes.

It was tricky to choose; as there are so many that would work in our home.

Custom Wall Murals from Les Dominotiers
Custom Wall Murals From Les Dominotiers
Custom Wall Murals from Les Dominotiers

In the end I chose one called Botanical Garden; a beautiful floral design, strewn with butterflies.

The wall that I planned to paper was in our dining room/hallway and I hoped that the mural would be a good way of visually linking the room with the garden beyond.

Custom Wall Murals From Les Dominotiers
I love the Botanical Garden design

Installing Custom Wallpaper

Les Dominotiers have a range of traditional wallpapers; which are supplied on a roll.

Plus the custom made wall murals that are designed to fit your walls and are provided in sheet form — and they’re so easy to install.

How It Works

Initially, I was asked to provide a photograph of the wall we planned to wallpaper, with precise measurements.

We were advised to paint the wall from pale blue to white; to ensure that the colour didn’t show through the wallpaper.

We also filled any holes and discrepancies on the wall.

The flatter — and better condition the surface — the better your custom wall murals will look!

We were told that we needed to use ‘paste the wall’ wallpaper paste for non woven paper.

So we bought one from Solvite; pink when it’s applied to the wall, changing to clear as it dries. We’ve used this since on standard wallpaper too, and it works a treat.

We covered the wall in wallpaper paste, then began sticking the sheets to the wall; in exactly the same as you would with standard wallpaper. Making sure the verticals were straight and brushing out any air bubbles as we worked.

The sheets are numbered, which makes things really simple, and there’s a margin all the way around (which you cut off afterwards); so there’s room for error!

The trickiest point was the beam in the middle of the ceiling but we took our time and worked around it, cutting the excess paper off with a scalpel.

I’ve wallpapered a ceiling in one of the bedrooms before, so the (relatively) flat surface of the wall felt like a breeze!

Bringing The Outside In

To say that our custom mural from Les Dominotiers has transformed the room would be an understatement!

It’s made a dingy room feel so much fresher. And the biophilic design has really brought the outside in; and connected the room with the garden beyond.

Period features can be tricky to work with sometimes.

Our Grade 2 listed cottage has barely any straight edges, so the non repeat pattern of the mural print wallpaper works brilliantly.

The fact that the pattern doesn’t fill the space and the top edge of the paper is clear, means that the wonky beams aren’t fighting with any straight lines.

And the wooden beams pair with the floral pattern so beautifully.

It’s a perfect match.

made to measure wall murals from les dominotiers
made to measure wall murals from les dominotiers

Wonderful Wallpaper

Although I’m a fan of wallpaper — I’ve wallpapered our caravan and our downstairs loo — I’ve never considered a mural print wallpaper before; I’m so thrilled with how this has turned out.

It was easy to order and install and has made such a difference to the room.

The most difficult thing about the made to measure wall murals from Les Dominotiers is which one to choose as they’re all so beautiful!

made to measure wall murals from les dominotiers

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  1. Oooh, that’s lovely! Having moved into a rather blank (grey and white) house recently, I’ve been looking for ways to cheer it up a bit while keeping the freshness of it. The botanical print you chose is perfect for a wall with the garden in view too :)

    • Thanks ever so much Sarah. I’d never really considered using them before — I thought they’d be really hard to put up!! I was amazed at how easy it was. And it’s made such a difference to the room :)

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