Tutorial: How To Make Fabric Buttons

Ever wondered how to make fabric buttons? They’re really quick and easy to make with a covered buttons machine and they look amazing!

Ever wondered how to make fabric buttons? They’re the perfect thing to make a plain garment look fabulous. Plus, with a covered buttons machine, they’re really quick and easy to make.

Free Easter Banner Papercut Template

Easter banner made from our free Free Easter Banner SVG Papercut Template

If you’re looking for a pretty way to decorate your home this Easter? Why not have a go at making this Easter Banner with our free downloadable template.

How to Make Pretty Simple Decoupage Pumpkins (No Carve Pumpkin Idea)

Looking for a no carve pumpkins idea? With Halloween is just around the corner, some of us want something a little more chic than the average orange carved pumpkin (!); I thought I’d share my method for simple decoupage pumpkins. These do it yourself pumpkin decorations are so simple to make — and look really …

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A Faux Tulip DIY Door Wreath For Spring

It’s been a long old winter hasn’t it? Just when we think that the temperatures are rising and the flowers are starting to bloom, the cold takes hold once more and we’re reaching for our woolies! I thought I’d speed things up a bit, and bring a bit of much needed spring colour to our …

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Create a DIY Indoor Planter From a Recycled Coffee Tin

The days are getting longer and warmer and spring is on its way. Thank goodness! Remind yourself that brighter days are coming by creating this DIY indoor planter from a recycled coffee tin. Perfect for spring bulbs. It’s so simple to make. You can even add a little phrase if you have a label maker …

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Ikea Bench Seat Hack {Turning a Shoe Rack into a Bench}

Unique Bathroom Decor Ideas

Rolling the clock back to 2015, when I turned a cheap IKEA shoe rack into sweet little bathroom bench seat, in this Ikea bench seat hack. I’d been desperate to do something lovely with this sad little shoe rack for a while — it was the perfect size for our bathroom and offered great storage …

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Make a Leopard Print Love Cushion (free leopard print cut file)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ve been busy making things for my own Valentine; my lovely husband, Mr D! I’ve designed card for him — the word LOVE in leopard print. And from it, I’ve created a free leopard print cut file. Perfect for use on cards, gifts — or pretty much anything …

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Make a Cardboard Dove DIY Christmas Garland (Plus Free Dove PNG File!)

I love creating seasonal garlands. Edible biscuit garlands at Christmas; paper Halloween banners or cute Easter bunny garlands. They’re always fun to make; plus they help make the house look seasonally festive too. My new creation makes use of all the delivery boxes that keep arriving at this time of year! It’s a cardboard dove …

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Alternative Christmas Decor | DIY Alternative Christmas Tree

I shared this idea for an alternative Christmas tree a few years ago but —with Christmas looming on the horizon — I thought I’d resurrect it! Folk are always looking for creative new ways to decorate their homes (Pinterest is full of alternative Christmas decor) and this alternative Christmas tree is too good not to share. …

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How to Make a Pom Pom Wreath (Like Anthropologie)

How to make an Anthropologie inspired pom pom wreath.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a pom pom wreath? Last Christmas I saw an amazing pom pom wreath in Anthropologie. I loved it — but it was so expensive. I decided to try and see if I could make one myself! Ever since the twins and I learnt to make pom …

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How to Make a Silk Flower Wreath | Tutorial

The internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Want to learn to make a curry? Ask Google. Want to know how to get wax crayon off a table? Google it. Want to know how to make a silk flower wreath? Hopefully your search has sent you over to my blog! I’ve seen so many beautiful …

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Wallpaper #1 | How To Make A Paper Circle Fan Decoration

Have you ever wanted to know how to make a paper circle fan decoration? They’re super easy to make and look fabulous! Here’s a quick tutorial showing how I make mine. Making a House a Home When my sister and her husband sold their house recently they couldn’t find anywhere they wanted to buy. So — as a stop …

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How To Make a Beach Hut Birdhouse

Ever wanted to make a beach hut birdhouse? Read on! In the past I’ve given a boring old chest of drawers a makeover, as well as giving a little shoe-rack a new lease of life and turning it into a bench-seat. But last weekend, I decided to make a beach hut birdhouse for the garden. I’d already …

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Home is Wherever We Are Together

Home. A little tiny word with enormous meaning. What feelings and emotions does the word ‘home’ evoke? What does it mean to you? I’ve been thinking about this long and hard and I can’t think of a single straight answer. Home means so many different things to me. I can’t narrow it down to just one …

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A Rainbow Flower Arrangement Styling Challenge

Have you ever created a rainbow flower arrangement? A couple of weeks ago I was asked by the lovely folk at Rose and Grey to take part in a styling challenge. Now, you know me, I love a challenge. And, particularly, when the challenge involves something ‘interiors’ — or homes — related, I’m there like a shot! The task sounded simple …

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A Papercut Art Present for My Friend

I mentioned in a recent post that we had just celebrated my best girlfriend’s birthday. It was her 40th and I wanted to give a really special present, so I thought long and hard about what we should give to her. Eventually I decided to make something, rather than buy a gift. I have spoken in the past …

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How to Upcycle an Old Desk

Creating a lovely space for working from home can be a fun project but buying new furniture can be expensive. I wanted the furniture in my home office space to be quirky and cool so I learnt how to upcycle an old desk. It gave an unloved piece of furniture a new lease of life. …

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