How to Make A Spring Wreath With Faux Tulips

Spring is on the horizon! And, very soon, the clocks will go forward, and the days will start to lengthen and warm up. But, for now, to bring a little bit of much-needed colour to our lives, I wanted to share this very simple tutorial for a spring wreath made with faux tulips.

The Tradition of Door Wreaths

Wreaths often symbolise unity, eternity, and the cyclical nature of life. The circular shape has no beginning or end, representing the continuity of time and the eternal nature of the spirit. In religious contexts, wreaths can also symbolise faith, hope, and renewal.

People often put wreaths on their front doors for decorative and symbolic purposes, especially during certain seasons or holidays such as Christmas, Easter, or Halloween. There are few reasons behind the tradition and although I like them for decorative purposes, door wreaths used to be used for superstition and protection.

In some cultures, door wreaths were traditionally believed to ward off evil spirits or bring good luck to the household.

These days, door wreaths are mostly used for decoration and welcoming guests. Placing a pretty wreath on the front door can signal to visitors that they are welcome in your home, especially during holidays or special occasions when we get together with family and friends.

They can add a personal touch to the exterior of your home. And, as they come in various designs, colours, and materials it’s a great way of personalising your front door to match your decor or the season.

I think spring wreaths are especially pleasing as we’re moving out of the dullness of winter, and they can really add a pop of much-needed colour on a grey day!

DIY Spring Wreath

This DIY spring wreath is really easy to make and will brighten up any front door on the greyest of days.

How to Make A Spring Wreath With Faux Tulips
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

I used a selection of faux tulips that I got from Hobbycraft but you can get them from other high street stores and Amazon also have a really good, affordable selection.

Make A Faux Tulip Wreath DIY For Spring

Make A Faux Tulip Wreath DIY For Spring

Yield: 1
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Under £30

This wreath is so easy to make and is perfect for bringing a bit of early spring colour to your home.


    1. Using wire cutters, cut single stems of faux tulips.

    2. Poke the 'flowers' through the wreath, to form your design. Work around the wreath, poking the the wire end of the 'tulip' through, from front to back. Make sure the flowers are all facing the same direction.

    3. At the back of the wreath, simply tuck the wire ends over; back into the wreath, to secure each stem. If the flowers don't feel secure, just add blob of hot glue (either to the front or back — whichever you think will work best) to keep the stem or flower in place.

    4. Add a length of ribbon to hang the wreath. I fold the ribbon double, and pass the ends through the loop to tie it around the wreath. If you pop a hook on the back of the door, this is a great way to secure your wreath, without the need for hammering nails or hooks to the front of the door.


I used 6 bunches of faux tulips but 3 would have been fine.

How To Attach Your DIY Spring Wreaths to your Front Door

I originally shared this post back in 2022 on Instagram. And had lots of requests from people, asking how I’d attached the wreath to our front door.

So many people have composite doors (or really smart wooden ones) these days. You certainly wouldn’t want to bang a nail in the front, with the thought that it might ruin the finish!

As we have a grade 2 listed building, I didn’t want to put a nail on the front door. So to hang my spring tulip wreath I secured a small hook* to the back of the front door.

* If you weren’t happy to bang in a nail, you could use Command Hooks.

Then I cut a good, long amount of ribbon (enough to hang from the hook at the back of the door, over to where I’d like the top of the wreath at the front). Then add a little extra, just for good measure!

I fold the ribbon double, then pass the ends through the loop to tie it around the wreath.

Then hang the wreath over the door and attach the ribbon to the hook at the back with a bow.

How To Attach Your DIY Spring Wreaths to your Front Door
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Make a faux tulip spring wreath to brighten up your front door.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

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