The Perfect Blow Dry at Home {My Babyliss Big Hair Care Review}

Looking for an honest Babyliss Big Hair Care review? If you want the perfect blow dry at home — without employing a personal stylist — then read on!

The Perfect Blow Dry at Home

As a rule, I think I’m inherently lazy when it comes to my appearance.

I’ll never be one of those girls with a perfect manicure and false lashes. I’m more often seen in the Spar shop than at a spa hotel and I’m infinitely happier dressed in my festival clothes than in black tie.

But when it comes to my hair, I generally always look as though I’ve made a bit of an effort.

And I don’t have a personal stylist on call every day.

Nope, I have the next best thing.

I have a Big Hair Care by BaByliss.

For those of you not in the know, the Babyliss big hair hot air styler is essentially a hairbrush/hairdryer combined.

It drys your hair — as a hairdryer would — with hot air.

But (and this is the most exciting bit) it also has a rotating brush; that negates the need for a radial hairbrush and hairdryer combo.

Which, let’s face it, unless you’ve got six arms (or the personal stylist I mentioned earlier), trying to achieve a perfect blow-dry at home is pretty hard.

Unless you have a BaByliss Big Hair.

Which Big Hair is Best?

The Big Hair is one of those products that I literally can’t live without.

I’m on my 3rd or 4th; a couple of them have just been used until they’ve given up the ghost but I’ve also upgraded too. My original Big Hair didn’t have a rotating barrel — a feature that the last few have had and something I love.

So what makes this new improved BaByliss Big Hair better than it’s predecessors?

The last version I had was the Diamond Big Hair Dual  — I love the fact that it has a smaller 42mm brush — and whilst the new Big Hair Care only has the larger 50mm one, despite that, I like it much more than my old version.

It feels a lot different. It’s weightier — but in a good way; (it won’t give you arm-ache as you’re perfecting the perfect blow dry at home).

The New Big Hair Care

The new Big Hair Care still has the ‘iconic Big Hair rotating brush technology but it now also includes care-for-hair Sensor Protect™ technology, which precisely manages the heat and delivers an even airflow’.

In layman’s terms, it means kinder styling without compromising on performance.

It will dry your hair on the outside, without drying it on the inside.

The Perfect Blow Dry at Home {Featuring The Babyliss Big Hair Care}
The Perfect Blow Dry at Home {Featuring The Babyliss Big Hair Care}

The clever ceramic barrel gives just the right amount of heat for perfect styling, but protects it from overheating as you style, as it has precisely positioned air outlets for even airflow across the barrel.

Plus, soft polishing bristles and ionic frizz-control for ultra-smoothness and shine during styling.

The Perfect Blow Dry at Home {Featuring The Babyliss Big Hair Care}
The Perfect Blow Dry at Home {Featuring The Babyliss Big Hair Care}
Babyliss Big Hair Care Review

I love the fact that the brush on the Big Hair Care now rotates on the cool setting (something that my old Big Hair stylers didn’t do).

And, ultimately, for a busy mum with only one pair of hands (and not much time) the BaByliss Big Hair Care makes me look like I’ve just had a salon blow-dry, without having to leave the house.

So Would I Recommend The Babyliss Big Hair Care Hot Air Styler?

In a word, yes. It’s a winner on all levels.

This version is kind to hair, easy to use and — best of all — for ‘lazy’ girls like me, it makes you look like you’ve made a huge effort.

I love it.

The Perfect Blow Dry at Home {Featuring The Babyliss Big Hair Care}
The Babyliss Big Hair Care — Best blowdry at home EVER!

For more thoughts on the BaByliss Big Hair Care, pop and have a look at my little film.

Apologies for the lack of make-up (I’ll never be a proper You-Tuber, that’s for sure!); I hope the product will outshine my unpowdered face!

Babyliss Big Hair Review

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23 thoughts on “The Perfect Blow Dry at Home {My Babyliss Big Hair Care Review}”

  1. I rarely use the cold setting so I don’t know if it is worth upgrading really? How much is this new one out of interest please I couldn’t find the details in your review?

    • Hi Lauren! Thanks so much for getting in touch :)

      I think the difference between the old style big hair and the new Big Hair Care is less about the cool button/brush spin function and more about the new Sensor Protect™ technology. As the device precisely manages the heat and delivers an even airflow, it’s apparently kinder to hair.

      I’ve only been using the new one for a couple of weeks so it will be intersting to see if it makes a big difference to the condition of my hair :)

      I love the fact that it spins on cool now, but if you don’t use that function, it may not be worth upgrading until you need to. The new Big Hair Care retails at £70.

      • Hello. It looks great. I also have the big brush that definitely needs updating. I have a short style and wondered if the 42 might suit better, any tips?

        • Hi Terri — I really love it! It doesn’t have detachable brushes like my last Big Hair, it works really well for giving a good blow-dry. One thing that someone said was to section your hair — no matter whether it’s long or short — and I’ve started doing that now :) It DEFINITELY gives you a more ‘salon looking’ finish. I highly recommend the Big Hair Care. Also, just looked and Very have an offer on at the mo!! 70 quid down to 50!!

    • It’s the only appliance I ever use on a regular basis!! I’ve got straighteners and a hair wand too; but they really are only used a handful of times every year. I use my Big Hair every time I wash my hair. I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge without it!!! I love it!!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the whole hairbrush/hairdryer and getting all tangled up thing! This looks and sounds perfect for your hair and the fact that you’ve had so many in the past sounds like you’re a total convert! Your hair looks fab :)

    • I really am a convert — I love them!!!! :) ANYTHING to relieve the arm-ache situation of a hairdryer and brush! ;) And they really do make it look like you’ve had a decent blow-dry, rather than dried your hair yourself :) Thanks Suzanne :)

  3. This looks fab Caro, I have stopped using hair straighteners altogether now so this would be useful if I fancied having a straight day. And to answer the question above the cold setting helps to set the hair when you are blowdrying it, it cools the bonds and makes the style last longer so it is really worth using xx

    • They’re so good — I use mine for everyday styling — I’ve never got on with straighteners, I like a wave in my hair and my hair stick is perfect for that! And yes!! I love the cool setting — it’s much easier to use now that the spin function works with it too :) Love it!!

  4. Ooh this looks brilliant! I used to use GHDs all the time to straighten my hair but it was destroying it so I stopped and now just use a hairdryer and brush. This would be so much easier though (and would take up less space in the suitcase when taking it on holidays too!).

    • I have GDHs too Chloe but I find them tricky to use — the poker straight look doesn’t really suit me; and I find them hard to do curls with. I LOVE my hair stick!!! Literally my must have hair item!!! :)

  5. Hi,

    I have quite a short bob and like it with a nice curl flick at the ends, a little bit of a retro style! Do you think the barrel would be too big to achieve this from the new one?

    I was wondering if the older black style of brush seems smaller and more suitable for a tighter curl?



  6. Question:

    I see no ‘hard plastic pieces’ in between the brushes. Am I missing something?

    I’ve bought soooo many of these. Revlon one is toooo big for my hair style; yet, I’ll still pick it up. Another I use the most is a smaller, Revlon-style is made by Lange. Same oval style w/ brush + hard plastic pieces that really help smooth hair out.

    Always on look out for a new great blow out product. Can’t go back to the ole hair dryer + brush way!

    • Hi Scarlett! Do you mean rigid plastic ‘bristles’ on the barrel? I have got an old Revlon one, with a US plug on it, that has very hard bristles on the brushes — no soft ones at all. The brush on the Big Hair Care is very soft — but works really well.

      And I am EXACTLY the same!!! I could never ever go back to a hair dryer and brush either!!!! I love my hair ‘stick’ :)


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