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Latest in Cakes & Biscuits

I’m a mad-keen baker and have always been happier making sweet things; much more than savoury. I’ve put together a little section of my favourite makes, but am always adding to it!

Latest in Drinks

Being a typical English woman, I love tea! But sometimes I like more than just a cup of ‘builders’. This collection of posts contains non-alcoholic (and boozier) beverages.

‘Free From’ Recipes

When the twins were born, Bertie had an egg allergy. It was tricky at first, but eventually I got used to cooking without eggs. Over recent times, I’ve cut down on both gluten and wheat, so am always experimenting with ‘free from’ recipes.

Ice Lollies

I’ve been experimenting with making homemade ice-lollies for a few years! Everything from homemade mini milk lollies to gin and tonic flavour.

Expect to see more in this section as the years roll on!

Latest in Savoury Dishes

Soups, salads, pasta — and anything else that takes my fancy. I’m more of a pastry chef than anything, I love baking; but there are certain savoury dishes that I love to cook.
Here are a couple of them!

Latest in Soup

Quick and easy to make, homemade soup is pretty much always on the menu for lunch in our house. Here’s a little collection of my favourite soup recipes.

Latest in Sweet Treats

Cakes, biscuits, muffins, homemade fudge, lollies — if you’re looking for some ‘sweet’ inspiration, you just might find it here!

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