The Jubarb {a gin and rhubarb cocktail}

What could be better, in the heat of midsummer than a gin and rhubarb cocktail? Recently we made some homemade cordial with the rhubarb that we grow in our veggie patch. It’s a lovely alternative to pies and crumbles and a fabulous way of using the endless supply of rosy tinged stalks, that we seem to find ourselves with, over the summer months.

Super easy to make — and even easier to drink — the bottles don’t seem to last very long at all.

The cordial is tart, refreshing and perfect with sparkling water on a hot day.


As a die-hard gin lover, it struck me that this would also make a VERY good accompaniment to my favourite tipple.

So with a little trial and error my gin and rhubarb cocktail — AKA ‘The Jubarb’ — was born!

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The Jubarb {A gin and rhubarb cocktail}

A gin and rhubarb cocktail

Here is the recipe.

  • Crushed ice
  • 50ml gin — I used Bombay Sapphire
  • 50ml homemade rhubarb cordial — find the recipe here
  • Soda water (or if you’re feeling really decadent you can forego the water and top up with sparkling wine. We used Prosecco and it was heavenly)

The method could not be simpler.

Half fill a pretty glass with crushed ice (you can sugar the rim first, if you want to make it look extra special, but this is optional).

Add your gin,  followed by an equal  measure of rhubarb cordial.

Top up with soda water — give it a stir — and serve.

A gin and rhubarb cocktail

A gin and rhubarb cocktail

A gin and rhubarb cocktail

a gin and rhubarb cocktail


We had supper with our neighbours, the day that we devised our gin and rhubarb cocktail and — even though one of our neighbours is generally not keen on gin — it was a really big hit!

I think we can say that The Jubarb is a resounding success.

It also helps when you serve a cocktail in beautiful glasses and the ones I used were from one of my favourite online homes and interiors retailers — Rose and Grey.

I was asked to compete in another of their fantastic styling challenge recently — remember the one I did back in March for the gorgeous jam jar vases?  Well this was along the same lines, this time using their cocktail gift boxes.

These sweet little sets contain everything you need for cocktails à deux. Glasses, straws, coasters, and stirrers — even little paper parasols — great for summer drinks parties and perfect for my gin and rhubarb cocktail.

Do you have a favourite cocktail — or have you ever created one of your own? I’d love to hear what it is :)

And if you’d like to try another boozy rhubarb drink, why not try my homemade ginger and rhubarb gin recipe.
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