A Faux Flower DIY Summer Door Wreath 

Now summer’s here (did someone mention the HEATWAVE?!) and we’ve lots of plans for summer barbecues and friends and family coming to visit, I thought it might be nice to create a a faux flower DIY door wreath for summer.

The perfect floral greeting, for guests entering your home.

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How Do You Make a Summer Wreath?

I’ve shown how to make a DIY spring wreath using faux tulips; but what is the best way to make a summer wreath?

Well, you can make a summer wreath with fresh or faux flowers.

If you’re using fresh foliage, try scavenging the hedgerows for Cow Parsley, Hawthorn blossom or Lilacs. They’re plentiful in the British countryside at this time of year and look wonderful on a door wreath. Plus, it’s a more affordable option!

If you’re feeling extravagant, you can also take a trip to the florist; use thistles, Hydrangea, Gypsophila, for the base. Basically anything that’s in season for the florals.

What is a Good Summer Wreath?

Personally — although I love fresh flowers — I love a silk flower wreath for the front door. Purely from the perspective that it will last longer!

Our front door is south facing and every-time I’ve put a fresh flower wreath on the door, during the warmer months, it has been dry and crispy within hours. Even using a damp moss or oasis ring.

It’s a very expensive thing to make for something that will last less than a day.

My faux flower wreaths, on the other hand, look good after weeks (even months) on the door!

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How do I Make an Exterior Door Wreath?

There are lots of different ways to create an exterior door wreath but I love using a wreath ring that already has foliage.

Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

I’ve used the same wreath base for this faux flower DIY summer door wreath as the tulip wreath I made back in the spring.

Because it already has faux eucalyptus on it, it means that you don’t have to spend so much of your budget on foliage; you can really go to town on the florals!

How To Make a Faux Flower DIY Summer Door Wreath

Make A Faux Flower DIY Summer Door Wreath

Make A Faux Flower DIY Summer Door Wreath

Yield: 1
Active Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Under £30

This wreath is so easy to make and is the perfect way to welcome guests into your home for the summer season.


  • A plain faux foliage wreath
  • Faux flowers
  • A length of ribbon


  • Some wire cutters or scissors
  • A hot glue gun/glue sticks


  1. Using scissors or wire cutters, cut the stems off your faux flowers

  2. Loosely arrange your flowers on the wreath and visualise where you'd like to place them.

  3. Remove each flower and put some glue on the wreath where you'd like it to go.

  4. Then place the 'flower' into the hot glue - mind your fingers! It can burn if you're not careful. Secure to the wreath, to form your design. Work around the wreath, following the same process until all of your faux flowers are attached.

  5. Add a length of ribbon to hang the wreath. I fold the ribbon double, and pass the ends through the loop to tie it around the wreath.

  6. If you pop a hook on the back of the door, this is a great way to secure your wreath, without the need for hammering nails or hooks to the front of the door.

  7. Et voila! Stand back and enjoy your work!


I used a eucalyptus covered wreath from Hobbycraft. I find these great for flower wreaths as you use less foliage.

There’s a lot of negativity around the use of plastics; and whilst I’m definitely not a fan of single use plastic and try my hardest to use as little of that as I can, I love fake florals.

They’ll never be a match for real flowers but for a DIY wreaths, I think they’re brilliant.

They’re everlasting and are a great way to brighten up your front door.

Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

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