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We tend to get lots of people email with caravan related queries — which we’re always happy to try and answer!

Get in touch if you have any questions about decorating a caravan. We’re not experts by any means, but have had lots of experience in this field and will always be happy to help.

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11 thoughts on “Get In Touch”

  1. hi im restoring a caravan and want to remove the walls which once had a bathroom in it is thier any easy way to do this?

    • Hi Christi, I’ve never removed any walls from our caravans but I think you’d have to be very careful not to disturb the structure and weaken the frame by taking the walls out.

      They might be used to strengthen and support the roof of the van.

      May I ask why you want to remove the wall — and not just utilise the space, as it is?

      Best, Caro x

    • Hi Richard! I guess so! I’m not sure why you’d want flooring on the walls but if there’s a particular design you’ve seen — and want to use — I can’t see what there would be a problem. I’ve never used it myself but I would imagine it would work. Good luck!

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