Are Micro Scooters Worth The Money?

There are loads of kids scooters available — some cheap, some very expensive. But are Micro Scooters worth the money? As a parent of twins, I’m always looking for things that will give the boys their own identity. I was so excited to find out that Mini Micro Scooters had a ‘create your own’ service.

The Micro Scooters ‘Create Your Own’ Option

The Micro Scooters ‘Create Your Own’ option, does literally what it says.

You can design your own and create a scooter that’s unique to you. 

This is such a great function of the Micro Scooters website. So easy to use too; it’s fully interactive, letting you choose the shade of the handle-grips, stem, foot-deck and brake, enabling you to see them change colour and select the combination you like the best.

The ‘Create Your Own’ option on the MicroScooters site was perfect for us.

We’ve always gone for matching/not matching for the boys. Stripes in different colours, the same outfit but in a different colour-way or a different print. It’s fairly rare for them to be dressed identically.

They’re little individuals and — whilst  it’s nice for them to bear a resemblance to each other — to have everything identical would just feel a little bit weird.

So the boys are now proud owners of matching/not matching scooters in shades of blue, yellow and green; with a shiny blue helmet for Cosmo and a green one for Bertie.

Mini Micro Scooters for twins
My tiny boys on their Mini Micro Scooters
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Micro Scooters Can Help With a Child’s Gross Motor Skills

Unbelievable the changes that have taken place over the last couple of years.

My babies have transformed from tiny, helpless newborns to walking, talking, little people.

They are honing their motor skills day by day; learning new things and taking endless delight in getting to grips with the capable little bodies they’ve been blessed with.

We had their two and a half year health check a few week’s ago, where they proudly showed the health visitor how they could thread beads on some string, draw a line on a piece of paper and build a tower with blocks.

But as well as perfecting their ‘fine motor skills’; my two little friends have also been enjoying practicing their ‘gross motor skills’.

Jumping with both feet off the ground (a pretty awesome activity for a two year old), climbing, running and — more recently — travelling for a fair distance without the use of their buggy.

Life is certainly active for my two tiny man cubs.

Although, sometimes, I do tend to forget that their little legs aren’t capable of going nearly as fast as mine. Their daddy and I tend to speed-walk everywhere and, very often, I look down to see the boys running alongside me — almost tripping over their own feet — bless them!

So when we were asked to test-drive some Mini Micro Scooters, I jumped at the chance. They’re the perfect way for tiny little legs to cover a fair distance, in half the time it would take to walk.

Although not initially!

What’s So Good About Micro Scooters?

So what’s so good about Micro Scooters — and are they better than other brands?

Well, have you ever heard the phrase ‘buy cheap buy twice?’. That’s what I feel about other brands of kids scooters. They might seem like a good deal initially but if they don’t last, you may as well spend a little more on something that will.

Micro Scooters are robust and really well made. Kid’s scooters get a lot of bashing over the years and MicroScooters are such good quality they can be passed down.

Plus — and I think this is the most important thing — you can feel very secure in the knowledge that your child is safe.

Are Micro Scooters Worth The Money?
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

We went home to visit my parents one weekend and gave the twins their scooters whilst we were there. There was mucho excitement — they’ve seen Micro Scooters before but until now have never had any of their own.

We decided to take them to the local park to practice. It was a good job we were having a lazy day and were in no rush to get anywhere! There was a lot of falling off — and plenty of false starts — to begin with.

But, unperturbed, they carried on — with dogged determination — until they were whizzing round the park like little pros.

Are Micro Scooters Worth The Money?
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Are Micro Scooters Worth The Money?
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

So Are Micro Scooters Worth The Money?

This is the million dollar question.

Well, the boys absolutely loved them. It’s not surprising really though is it? 

To be able to cover distance, at speed, when you have such little legs must be an absolute joy!

No surprise that so many children own a Micro Scooter these days. They’re such an amazing mode of transport for little — and big — people.

Mini Micro Scooters 'Create Your Own' Option is brilliant for twins!
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Mini Micro Scooters 'Create Your Own' Option is brilliant for twins!
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

How Do Micro Scooters Compare to Cheaper Alternatives?

Having looked at loads of different options (in differing price brackets) this is how I think Micro Scooters compare to cheaper alternatives.

  1. Cheaper models can be heavy and a bit clunky. We’ve tried out ones that are really rickety.
  2. Micro Scooters are lightweight and beautifully built.
  3. They provide exceptional balance for little bodies, with their ‘lean to steer’ design. And they offer a really, really smooth ride.
  4. They’re built to last.

Which — in my mind — makes them better than a cheap alternative. Remembering the old adage:

buy cheap, buy twice?

To sum up, in my humble opinion, yes Micro Scooters are definitely worth the money.

Mini Micro Scooters for Mini Legs

We so enjoyed our practice day on the Mini Micro Scooters — lovely to see these two little chaps getting to grips with scooting.

Although I couldn’t get over how grown up they looked, all of a sudden.

A real glimpse of my future perhaps? Two teenage boys hanging out at the skate park? Who knows?*

Anyway. I made a little film so you can see how they got on; and also let you know what they thought of the Micro Scooters, in their own little way.

*NB — Editors Note — As it turns out, this really was a glimpse into my future! See my twins hanging out at the skatepark with their Micro MX Trixx Scooters!

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  1. Your littlies are the cutest. Love them. Their excitement at opening the box is gorgeous. And that video, watching them whizz around is super! Little Miss H may have a micro scooter coming her way from Santa Claus this year. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


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