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Introducing MX Trixx {the best trick scooter for a 6 year old} AD

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Four years ago I wrote about the boys and their new Mini Micro Scooters. They were just two at the time and scooting seemed like such a grown up thing for them to be doing.  Roll on to the present day and my (not so) tiny boys have just upgraded to stunt scooters!

Recently they’ve been trying to do little jumps and tricks and, to be honest, their little three wheel scooters just weren’t up to the job.

The Mini Micro Scooters had been really well used over the years, but this new activity was just too much for them.

Eventually Bertie  brought his home with one of the front wheels hanging off at a jaunty angle; having tried (and failed) to do a little jump.

Oh. Not sure they’re designed to do that?

Cue tears and upset (Bertie); swiftly followed by me Googling things like ‘what’s the best trick scooter for 6 year old?’ and ‘what’s the best stunt scooter?’.

And although there are a few different options on the market — from previous experience — I feel confident that the Micro Scooter brand is definitely to be trusted.

We settled on the MX Trixx stunt scooter in the end; blue for Cosmo and grey and yellow for Bert.

Introducing MX Trixx {the best trick scooter for a 6 year old}
Cosmo’s ssssssssssnake top is from White Stuff Kids!
the best trick scooter for a 6 year old
Bertie looking super cool

So Why is the MX Trixx the Best Trick Scooter for a 6 year old?

As it’s an intermediate scooter, the MX Trix can handle a ramp just as well as the school run.  And, as they’re engineered from lightweight aluminium, it means my little sons can manoeuvre them with ease.

The footplate and handlebars are quite a lot shorter than other models too, so this makes the Micro MX Trixx the perfect scooter for 5-12 years old to practice their tricks and jumps.

The boys love the fact that the handlebars can spin 360° (definitely their favourite feature).

Whilst I love the fact that the design is so rigid and feels really safe. The MX Trixx has a static handlebar — and is non foldable — which means it really holds its rigidity when the twins are going up and down the ramps.

Safety First

Last weekend I took them to our village skatepark — to test drive their new wheels — they absolutely LOVED it.

Initially I was really nervous, as the new scooters really felt a lot faster to ride that their old ones; but they were soon whizzing around and tackling the smaller ramps.

Cosmo — pleased as punch to have completed the ramp!

We made sure that they were both wearing their helmets — a must when you’re scooting.

If your child is kicking back against this and feels embarrassed to be seen wearing a helmet, I highly recommend heading over to the Micro Scooters site, as they have a HUGE range of designs available; in every colour under the sun.

Whether your kid’s favourite thing is unicorns, dinosaurs or outer-space; you’ll be sure to find a helmet to change their mind!

The boys both chose über cool black to go with their new stunt scooters — a great choice, as they won’t tire of them quickly (I hope!). 

Introducing MX Trixx {the best trick scooter for a 6 year old}
Don’t look down!!

Time for a Change?

If your child is beginning to use their old three wheeled scooter to do little jumps and tricks, I highly recommend upgrading to an MX Trixx.

In my humble opinion, it’s the best trick scooter for a 6 year old.

The sturdy build gives real peace of mind; whilst still maintaining the lightness and speed to make your budding Evel Knievel feel like they’re the best stuntman in the skatepark.

Introducing MX Trixx {the best trick scooter for a 6 year old}
The best trick scooter for a 6 year old? We think so! Threads from White Stuff Kids

A huge thanks to the lovely folk at Micro Scooters for sending the boys the amazing Micro MX Trixx Scooters to test-drive — and many thanks to White Stuff for the lovely threads.

All photos, thoughts and words — as ever — are entirely my own.

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  1. Your kids are the cute and looks very happy too with scooter.we have something similar from a different manufacturer and my little loves it.. Gorgeous photos, and totally gorgeous boys!!


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