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Create a DIY Indoor Planter From a Recycled Coffee Tin

The days are getting longer and warmer and spring is on its way. Thank goodness! Remind yourself that brighter days are coming by creating this DIY indoor planter from a recycled coffee tin. Perfect for spring bulbs.

It’s so simple to make.

You can even add a little phrase if you have a label maker or Cricut. Or — if you have great handwriting — you could even try your hand at brush lettering.

What Can I Use Instead of Plant Pots?

You can plant up your spring bulbs in so many ways. You definitely don’t have to just stick with standard plant pots.

Look in charity shops for old teapots — or pretty cups and saucers. They make really sweet homes for Paper-whites or Narcissus.

And if you fancy making an alternative hanging basket, an old colander looks really fab. You can spray it to match your garden or interior decor; then hang using chains or rope.

Even old cake or muffin tins make great plant pots alternatives. Plant up with tiny succulents or seedlings, and display on a window sill for maximum effect.

DIY Plant Pots from Recycled Materials

As well as old household objects, recycle throwaway items to make great plant pot alternatives.

Glass jars look really sweet planted up with cacti or little plants.

And tins that would have been discarded for recycling look fantastic with added greenery. I’ve got old tomato and olive tins in our kitchen.

Old food cans make a great DIY Indoor Planter

They look really cool and make a nice alternative to shop bought planters. Plus, it’s one less thing to be sent to the recycling centre!

Make a DIY Indoor Planter From an Old Coffee Tin

I made this DIY indoor planter for my spring bulbs on the weekend, using an old Nescafe Azera tin.

This spring bulb planter was made out of an old coffee tin

It’s so simple to make. Looks just as nice as any you’d find in the shops but cost £0, as it was made with materials that were due to be recycled/binned.

Make a DIY Indoor Planter From a Recycled Coffee Tin

Make a DIY Indoor Planter From a Recycled Coffee Tin

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Remind yourself that brighter days are coming by creating this DIY indoor planter from a recycled coffee tin. Perfect for your spring bulbs.


  • Old Coffee Tin
  • Old Paint — I used an all-purpose undercoat and a Farrow & Ball tester pot
  • Polythene Bag — I used an old delivery bag
  • Glue


  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue-gun — optional


  1. Take the lid off your empty coffee tin.

  2. Give the surface of the tin a coat of all purpose primer. Then leave to dry.

  3. Give a second coat with your colour/paint of choice. I used an old tester pot of Farrow and Ball emulsion. Leave to dry. And repeat this process if you need to.

  4. At this point you can decide whether you'd like to add some lettering. I made a transfer using my Cricut machine but you could also use a label making machine, hand bought transfer; or simply hand paint your letters onto the surface of your DIY planter.

  5. Next, take some polythene sheeting; I used an old delivery bag but you could use a plastic shopping bag or even a bin bag. Cut out a section to make a lining for your tin.

  6. Push the polythene sheeting into the tin; you can secure the edges around the rim with glue. I used my glue gun for this, but you could just use general all purpose adhesive if you prefer.

  7. Fill the tin with compost. I use a spoon for this bit!

  8. Next, pop your spring bulbs (or whatever plants you're using) into the compost.

  9. You can surround the plants or bulbs with moss or decorative gravel.

  10. Pop your recycled coffee tin DIY Indoor Planter on a window-ledge or shelf, and enjoy your handiwork.


You can add a word or a phrase to your DIY Indoor Planter using a labeller, Cricut or just by hand painting — either freehand or with a stencil.

Other Creative Ideas For Indoor Plant Containers

Old demi-johns, welly boots and watering cans can all given a new lease of life as quirky indoor plant containers.

And if you want to carry on the theme outdoors, you can use wheelbarrows, sinks or even old bicycles! Fill up the basket with plants and flowers and you have a really unique display for your garden.

Other creative ideas for outdoor plant containers include repurposing an old bicycle!

But if you don’t have a garden and still want to bring the outside in, making this DIY indoor planter from a recycled coffee tin is a cheap and easy way to bring a little bit of spring into the home.

Plus, the little message on the tin is a great reminder that brighter days are just around the corner!

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