6 Reasons to Choose Limestone Flooring

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When we were looking at new flooring options for the extension on our grade 2 listed cottage, I was blown away by how many choices there are. Picking the right one is enough to make your head spin. But in the end we went with natural stone and I’m so glad we did! Here are 6 reasons to choose limestone flooring and why I love my stone floor.

Limestone Floor Tiles are Easy To Clean and Maintain

Ever wondered how to clean limestone floors? If your limestone floor is treated with a good sealant, you can wash it with water and fairy liquid (other washing up liquids are available). It will come up looking as good as new — even with quite heavy foot traffic.

Our floor fitter used a product called Aquafin sealant to seal our stone limestone slabs, and grouted with a non-stain grout called Kerakoll Fugabella.

The combination of these two products means that with just a little maintenance, my stone floor will be looking good for years.

The slabs will need resealing in around 3-5 years but that’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of the floors looking good.

Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Limestone is a Sustainable Product

Limestone is a great environmentally friendly choice for your home. It’s a plentiful resource that’s found across the globe. And, what’s more, it’s a naturally occurring material that doesn’t require any other resources to create it.

Its abundance — coupled with improved, modern methods of quarrying and extraction — make natural stone a really eco-friendly choice.

And if (not sure this would ever happen but you never know!) — if you got fed up of it and fancied a change, natural stone can be lifted and reused again and again.

If you’re conscious of your impact on the environment, these are great reasons to choose limestone flooring.

Limestone is Durable

Stone flooring— unlike its manmade counterparts — is hardwearing and resistant to knocks and scratches.

Wood and laminate flooring can warp; porcelain tiles can break and crack and vinyl flooring (even the most expensive options) can dent or tear.

Limestone will stand up to high foot traffic — both inside and out. If it’s protected and looked after well it won’t affected by water. And if it’s laid correctly on a fracture matting, it’s unlikely that it will ever break.

Best of all, natural stone will get better with age; and ultimately increase the value of your home.

We bought our limestone tiles from Quorn Stone. They’re a family business, with a great ethos. And they know their limestone!

Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Limestone is a Cost Effective Choice

Granted, limestone might seem an expensive option; in comparison to some manmade products on the market. But going back to the point of durability, that age old adage ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ is never more applicable.

If you compare flooring materials from the viewpoint of longevity; limestone flooring may cost more initially, but it will last a lifetime. Unlike other materials that will need to be repaired or replaced fairly frequently.

If you’re looking for a cost effective flooring option, that will age gracefully, limestone will more than pay for itself.

Limestone is a Brilliant Heat Conductor

Following on from the above point, if you’re looking for a brilliant heat conductor to pair with, there’s none better.

When we first had our underfloor heating installed, I was really concerned that we’d made a huge mistake! The first winter, we just had a screeded floor, as it had to dry thoroughly before we could lay the floor. We painted it — and had rugs over the top — but the floor never really felt warm.

And — as a result — neither did the extension.

I was really fearful that the pipes under the floor weren’t heating up properly!

And convinced that putting 15mm of solid stone over the top would smother the meagre heat that was being generated.

I needn’t have worried though.

Limestone is a brilliant heat conductor! As soon as the limestone flooring was installed, we put on the underfloor heating to test it out. The difference was incredible.

The stones felt warm to the touch and the heat given off is more than enough to heat the space.

Even on the coldest day.

It’s incredible that adding a dense layer to the screed could make such a difference. But it does. Limestone flooring is a fantastic conductor of heat and the perfect partner for underfloor heating.

Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Limestone is Beautiful

Lastly, limestone is such a beautiful material.

Whether you have a period property, or you’re wanting to inject a little natural charm into a modern new build; limestone is such a good choice.

From Scandi inspired interiors, to modern farmhouse style. The breadth of colours and variations in the stone will ensure you’ll find one to suit your space.

6 reasons to choose limestone flooring
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
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