Introducing The Breville Curve Toaster and Kettle

Happy, happy new year! I thought I’d kick off the year by introducing my new Breville Curve Toaster and Kettle.

Although — as we’re exactly two weeks into January — is it appropriate to say happy new year still?!

It’s been a slow start for me. I’ve been taking my time and easing myself into 2018 gently. There’s no rush after all. We’ve got 12 (well, 11 and a half) shiny new months months rolling out ahead of us.

By now I’ve usually written my resolutions and goals —  and am focussing on the task in hand — but this year I haven’t felt the urgency to get them down on paper just yet.

I feel as though I need to have a proper think and take my time.

A New Routine

We’ve only *just* started back in the regular routine again. The boys are back at school and I started back to work last week too.

The Christmas shimmer and shine has been packed away for another year and normal eating habits have resumed.

No more mountains of cheese at suppertime or chocolate for breakfast.

Anyone else do that?

We seem to have had a veritable cheese mountain in our fridge; that I can’t leave alone for want of trying.

And, equally, my breakfast — on more than one occasion — has been a cuppa and a handful of Roses or Quality Street. So naughty.

I am the antithesis of a healthy, new year’s angel. Avert your eyes if you don’t want to be corrupted.

Introducing the Breville Curve Toaster and Kettle — chocolate for breakfast
Introducing the Breville Curve Toaster and Kettle — rose gold accents
the Breville Curve Kettle — rose gold accents

New Year, New Habits

But anyway.

My bad habits have been curbed (for now) and we’ve been settling down to more normal fare at breakfast time.

The celebratory pancakes with Nutella have been replaced with toast or muffins and chocolate has been replaced with cereal.

Breakfast is a much more sedate affair.

But although the glitz and glamour of Christmas has dimmed, it’s not gone altogether. The kitchen is still showing a few signs of sparkle.

Introducing The Breville Curve Toaster and Kettle

We renovated our kitchen last year and — taking inspiration from a copper plant-pot — I managed to track down some kitchen electricals that tie in really nicely.

the Breville Curve Toaster — rose gold accents

The Curve Collection

I’ve substituted our old kettle and toaster with some fabulous replacements from Breville.

The Curve collection in white gloss and rose gold adds a touch of understated glamour to the kitchen. Both with a sculptural, textured surface, they’re a million miles away from their plain-Jane predecessors.

And in the words of my friend who came for coffee last week —

‘that’s the sexiest kettle and toaster I’ve ever seen!’

— and I second that. They really are.

But as well as being pleasing to the eye, the Breville Curve jug kettle has a whopping 1.7L capacity — which fills up to 8 cups in one sitting — plus a fast boil element (essential when you need a rapid caffeine fix).

And the matching toaster is not just a pretty face.

As well as the morning toast — with four variable width slots (and a variable browning control) —  it’s also perfect for muffins, pancakes and crumpets.

love the fact that they echo other little touches in our kitchen.

The white gloss finish ties in so nicely with the glossy metro tiles. And the little rose gold accents reflect the copper accessories that we have dotted around.

Old habits die hard.
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12 thoughts on “Introducing The Breville Curve Toaster and Kettle”

    • It’s gorgeous isn’t it?! A touch of rose gold has elevated the humble kettle and toaster to something a little bit special. And yes!! I’m putting my inertia down to the fact that my 2018 planner refill hasn’t arrived yet!! ;) I can’t plan without a planner. t least, that’s my excuse!! xx

  1. Such gorgeous appliances! I just got a new coffee machine/kettle/toaster from Cuisinart which I have been very happy with. I do think yours are the ‘sexiest’ kitchen appliances I’ve ever seen though (just like your friend said, lol!) :P Xx

  2. Ah these are gorgeous! So sleek and modern. We’re in need of a new kettle after I dropped ours and chipped it badly… this one may definitely make the shortlist ;)


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