New bedding and lazy mornings

I’ll be the first to admit, I have really struggled over the last couple of weeks.

I’m not naturally a ‘morning person’ and having to drag myself out of a cosy warm bed is hard for me on most days.

However, on wintery mornings — when there’s a chill in the air and frosty patterns are decorating the windows — I find it extraordinarily difficult to rouse myself.

New bedding and chocolate coins for breakfast

Chocolate Coins for Breakfast

We were totally spoilt in this department at Christmas too which is probably the reason I’m finding it so hard now.

As well as being magical due to the fact that the twins were really aware of what was going on (for the first time since they arrived), Christmas has the added bonus of an alarm not going off each morning, so we were also lucky enough to have a lie in practically every day.

We left the children to slumber and some mornings didn’t hear their little sing-song voices until almost 9.

This meant leisurely lie-ins for me and my boy; toast and tea in bed, with the papers. Sometimes with chocolate coins for breakfast.

New bedding and chocolate coins for breakfast
new bedding and chocolate coins — winner

It reminded me of weekends, before we had the littles.

I’ve spoken before about the love affair I have with our giant bed and also how lucky we were quite recently to be given a new mattress to test out.

New Bedding

And along with the mattress, I also thought it was also high time we treated the bed to some lovely new bedlinen. Now, for all my love of colour and pattern, I’ve always been a fan of very plain bedding.

I chose a white duvet cover and pillowcases from Habitat; with coordinating grey cases for the second pillows. With a pop of colour from a fab pelican patterned cushion and a monochrome geometric throw.

I can’t quite put into words how lovely this bedding range is. I’m not a fan of crisp sheets — I’d rather my sheets freshly washed but a little bit crumpled.

And aptly, the name of this particular range is ‘Washed’.

It has a soft texture and a relaxed look and feel, due to the fact it’s been stonewashed.

So cosy, so soft and so difficult to get out of in the morning!

New bedding from Habitat

New bedding from Habitat

Habitat cushion

Kiri asleep

Hard To Get Up

All in all, it’s a winning combination  but, needless to say, the mix of soft, snuggly bedding and a super comfortable mattress does not make it easy to get up each morning.

Christmas is well and truly in the past; but I’m still yearning for long, lazy lie-ins with the addition of some chocolate coins for breakfast.

Anyone else struggling to get up at the mo?

PS — I’ve just created a little video, sharing my thoughts, on our fab new Leesa mattress. Pop and have a look.

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64 thoughts on “New bedding and lazy mornings”

  1. Firstly, please can you ask your boys to have a word with Zach? We are lucky to get him sleep beyond 6.30 – even over the christmas holidays!

    Secondly, this bedding looks lovely. I love Habitat and our local Homebase has a Habitat section that I love browsing around. You have reminded me that they had an awesome rug that I saw in there a while ago! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday lovely xx

    • Aah bless you pet!! Does he still nap in the day? The best advice I was given is ‘sleep begets sleep’ — the more sleep a child has, the more it needs. The boys have been in quite a strict routine since they were first born. It was tough to stick to initially but has literally paid dividends. They’re fab sleepers now, as a result xx

  2. Love the new bed clothes. Morning cuddles are the best by the way. If my little girl would have a bit more patience it would be more enjoyable but once she gets older she will be just like her brother.


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