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Our holiday at the Mark Warner Perdepera Resort in Sardinia

Disclosure: We’ve been working with Mark Warner this year as part of their ambassador programme. We were sent to review the Perdepera Resort in Sardinia. This is a collaborative post but all thoughts, words and lifestyle images are entirely my own.

I love my blog; this little tiny corner of the internet.

Since I began writing my very first post, almost 4 years ago, I’ve never had difficulty finding things to write — things to share.

I don’t have to look for content — I write about my family and the things I really love — so I’ve never struggled  for inspiration and the words have always come tumbling out, quicker than I can type them, more often than not.

Until now.

I have so much to tell you, SO much to share, that I can seem to find the words!

I’ve been downloading my photos from our Mark Warner holiday at Perdepera, Sardinia and have take so many, I just don’t know were to start.

*goes off for another coffee and a walk around the garden*

OK. Deep breath.

From the beginning.

Mark Warner Ambassador Competition

At the start of the year, I entered a competition to become a Mark Warner Mum — one of their family ambassadors for 2016 — and (incredibly) I won.

You can have a look at my winning entry here.

Winning was quite a big deal. My big, man-shaped boy and I haven’t had a proper holiday (that has lasted longer than 4 days) for around 6 years and my two little boys have never been on holiday abroad before.

They’ve never been on a plane; never played on a hot and sunny beach.

So winning the Mark Warner competition really was a dream come true.

Not one but two amazing holidays; one sun, one ski.

So — after a little bit of deliberation — for the first, we chose to go to Perdepera in Sardinia.

Mark Warner Perdepera

We’ve travelled extensively in the past but neither of us has been to the island before and the idea of going somewhere totally different — with some of the best beaches in Europe — was too tempting to ignore.

In fact, weirdly, talk of the Sardinian beaches was on the radio just yesterday. People are stealing sand; little vials of pale golden treasure, as a memento of their time there.

I didn’t take any mementos of that variety, needless to say. The memories we’ve made will last a lifetime, and that’s enough for me.

But because I’ve got too much to say in just one sitting, I think this diary entry is going to be a preamble.

I’ll write a separate post about the resort — and what was on offer — and I’ll write another about the kids facilities, as they were far, far too amazing not to shout about.

But, for now, here’s a little look of our time away.

Perdepera, Sardinia

Pretty rustic villas, in pastel shades, were dotted round the resort | Mark Warner holiday Perdepera
Mark warner holiday perdepera
White, red or rosé madam? Pink obvs. | Mark Warner holiday Perdepera
Pretty rustic villas, in pastel shades, were dotted round the resort | Mark Warner holiday Perdepera
The beach at the bottom of the garden. Literally a 2 minute walk from our rooms.
Little fish. A typical Picean!
Playing in the water
My gorgeous pair
Happy chappies in the pool | Mark Warner holiday Perdepera
learning to swim with daddy
Happy Chappy | Mark Warner holiday Perdepera
Mark warner holiday perdepera
Soaking it all in — Cosmo doing a spot of people watching
Our Mark Warner holiday Perdepera Sardinia
Bertie-Bumble Bee (those ponchos are a winner) | Mark Warner holiday Perdepera
Cosmo indulging in a bit of spy-walking
Our Mark Warner holiday Perdepera, Sardinia

Finally, because our original entry contained a little film, it seemed obvious to make another.

Not a hand-drawn version, this time, but a proper real-life depiction of our week in sunny, beautiful Perdepera Sardinia.

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  1. Oh Caro it looks absolutely stunning. I love, love, love your photos, too many favourites to pick out but any with those gorgeous twins in are amazing! The video has sold it to me, what a beautiful place and those happy smiles only show how much fun you had xx

  2. I am so so glad you won- you were my fave entry for sure and you look like you’ve had the best time. It looks gorgeous, not been that way before but I would definitely add it to our to do list! x

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