Luxury Interior Decor Ideas To Elevate Your Living Space

Luxury Interior Decor Ideas Used By Interior Designers

Ever go to a 5-star hotel and wish your home had the same luxurious feel? Replicating the look at home is simple when you know how. These luxury interior decor ideas are used by interior designers worldwide and can give a space an effortlessly chic, high-end look.

The Red Thread Theory in Interior Design

Have you ever heard of the ‘Red Thread Theory’ when it comes to interior design? The red thread — or throughline— is a method used by interior designers to achieve a cohesive look and feel in an interior space. Whether it’s a single room or a series of rooms, focusing on one design detail — colour, texture, shape or pattern— can link the spaces and make them feel unified.

By implementing this theory, you can really bring your interior decor ideas to life and give your home that luxe feel your heart desires.

Often, if you go to a luxury hotel, you’ll notice their use of artwork on the walls. Either a giant canvas, that pulls the rest of the decor together. Or a collection of prints —or even photos— which create a gallery wall. If your walls at home are feeling unloved and a little uninspiring, why not invest in some artwork and try to create this look for yourself?

The art doesn’t have to be expensive—thrifted artwork arranged on a blank wall can create a real impact. You can also buy ready-made gallery sets from companies such as Desenio.

They show how pictures should sit together for maximum effect and are really good value.

A gallery wall needn’t just be paintings either. You could create a black-and-white photo wall or group together a selection of plates or hats.

Select pieces that are themed by colour, style or pattern, to give your gallery wall a cohesive feel so all the pieces tie together without looking random or mismatched.

Consider the placement and swap things around to find the perfect arrangement for your art wall.

Whatever your style, a gallery wall or large artwork is a brilliant way to liven up a space. When it comes to easy interior decor ideas, this is one of the simplest and most fun to do.

A gallery wall is just one of the 10 luxury home decor Touches that will transform your living space.

Invest in a Deluxe Bed Frame

Emulate the look and feel of a high-end hotel room by investing in a luxurious bed frame and mattress.

As bed frames come in all shapes and sizes, it is relatively simple to find an option that’s functional and well-made without compromising aesthetics.

That said, as bed frames can require a large financial investment, do plenty of research to ensure you choose wisely and pick a bedframe that will fit your needs. Many home decor stores offer budget-friendly alternatives to high-end frames, like these Cloud bed frame dupes, to help you save money. 

Decorate with Mirrors

Everybody knows that decorating with mirrors can give the illusion of space to a room. But these workhorses of interior design can not only make an interior feel larger, but a well-placed mirror in an interior — or a garden mirror — can brighten the darkest corner.

Use wall-hung mirrors if you have limited space, or an oversized floor-standing mirror to really add the wow factor. Ornate and oversized floor mirrors have become a stylish choice for living spaces because they add another dimension to any room.

Stores like Anthropologie have capitalised on this trend with a fantastic selection of sizeable framed mirrors. But if your budget doesn’t meet the equally sizeable cost, there are plenty of affordable alternatives on offer to get that luxury interior decor look. Anthropologie mirror dupes will give you the same look for much less. 

Mirrors are just one of the 10 luxury home decor Touches that will transform your living space.

High-End Kitchen Gadgets

Cookware and home appliances might not be the first thing to spring to mind when it comes to luxury interior decor, but every luxury home needs a high-end kitchen gadget adorning the worktop.

From barista-quality fully automatic espresso machines to smart wine fridges, designer kitchen accessories are really worth the investment if you believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Considering how much time we spend cooking, drinking, and creating memories in the kitchen, it’s worth investing in functional kitchenware gadgets that amp up the sophistication.

You’ll be the best dinner party host in town by adding a wine fridge or an espresso machine to your kitchen.

Stylish Dining

When you think about a stylish restaurant interior, it’s not just clever interior touches that give it a luxurious feel. The dining furniture that interior designers select for these spaces will also heavily influence the overall look.

The same can be said for your own home. Every home needs dining chairs to go with the dining table, but your taste and lifestyle will dictate the style of dining chair you choose. Woven rattan or wicker dining chairs are eternally popular, as are wooden chairs. Upholstered chairs are a beautiful addition to any dining space but tend to be expensive and prone to stains — not so great if you’ve little children to entertain! But, these days, with so many options to choose from, finding the dining chairs of your dreams is a doddle.  

Good Lighting

Good lighting is key to luxury interior decor. It can impact a living space in so many ways, so choosing practical but stylish fixtures is essential. 

A floor-standing lamp makes a bold statement and gives a room plenty of light. Dot a few table lamps around if you prefer cosy, ambient warmth. Candles can also give a cosy, luxurious feel and create a more intimate atmosphere. You can also get creative in finding stylish candleholders that fit your home’s style. 

Lighting is just one of the 10 luxury home decor Touches that will transform your living space.

Luxury Bathroom Elements

Bathrooms should never be underrated when it comes to adding a little luxury to your home. With a few simple touches, your bathroom can transform into a blissful sanctuary where you can start and end the day on a relaxing note.

Marble, brass, and natural stone scream luxury, but they can also be cold. Invest in under-floor heating to help your space feel warm and inviting, even on chilly mornings.

Heated tile floors are a functional way to give your bathroom an opulent feel and heated towel racks are another simple luxury home decor touch that can’t be underestimated. What’s more luxurious than wrapping yourself in soft, warm towels after a soak in the tub? 

Natural Greenery

Adding a touch of greenery to the exterior of your home is relatively easy, thanks to planters and wreaths. Research what plants will thrive in your environment and invest in quality pots and planters that will always stay in style.

Natural greenery in an interior space gives a lush and inviting feel, making it a must for luxury home decor. Biophilic design is a popular concept with interior designers, as it’s been scientifically proven that keeping indoor plants has health benefits, including better air quality and reduced stress levels. 

Bringing the outdoors in will instantly elevate your living space, creating a peaceful escape.

Common house plants — Monstera Deliciosa
Monstera Deliciosa | Image credit: The Listed Home.
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