Creating a gallery wall at home

When I was a little girl, I dreamt of being an artist when I grew up.

It was inconceivable that I’d be anything else, to be honest, as I spent my days drawing, painting and colouring.

Then when I was a little bit bigger I studied for an art A’Level, followed by a graphic design course at art college, before finally leaving home and doing a degree in Illustration in London.

A creative career was definitely on the cards, from a relatively early age.

But whilst I do still paint very occasionally — and I also create prints and paper-cuts to sell in my little shop — I certainly wouldn’t consider myself an artist. Designer, yes, definitely. Artist? Sadly not.

But I still love art — in all it’s forms. I’ve always got such a buzz from going to a gallery; seeing an exhibition wall filled with amazing images is one of my favourite things to do but given the fact we don’t live in a city anymore, trips to galleries are few and far between these days.

So I have decided to create my own gallery wall at home.

We went to a lovely hotel, in the Cotswolds, a couple of weeks ago and one of the things that I loved the most was a gallery wall they’d created up the main staircase.

an art gallery in the home
The perfect inspiration for an art gallery in the home

It has given me the inspiration to do the same at home.

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Creating a Gallery Wall at Home

I LOVE the dark painted wall in the picture above. But I’m envisaging charcoal grey or perhaps navy on our own staircase (I’m thinking ‘Drawing Room Blue’ by Farrow and Ball). Or maybe Downpipe.

With a wall filled with glorious colourful and graphic art, that will really make an impact and look amazing against the dark background.

I’ve tracked down a fab website called King & McGaw, where you can buy the most fantastic range of art prints.

They’ve a huge selection. Everything from modern — abstract, pop art and Bauhaus — to photography prints, typography based prints and even street art reproductions.

There’s such a wealth of beautiful imagery, that I’ve really struggled to narrow down my favourite pieces. But given the fact  that I’ve always been obsessed by colour, my magpie tendencies draw me straight to the riot of beautiful shades in Amy Sia’s work.

gallery wall in the home

And my love for all things graphic has also seen me obsessing over these gorgeous bold prints by Inaluxe.

gallery wall at home

So to try and see if this mix of styles would work (particularly in the kind of setting that I’m imagining them in) I found an image of a hallway, with a similar feel to ours, on Pinterest.

Then with a little bit of Photoshop trickery I’ve created a mock up of how our gallery wall could look.

gallery wall
You can see the original image here

It’s so eye-catching and such a gorgeous riot of colour.

I don’t think my eyes would ever tire of looking at such a fantastic display; it would be like going to an art exhibition every-time I went up and down the stairs! And it also goes to show that a mix of graphic prints, combined with less regimented, painted pieces work really well together.

I can feel a painting weekend coming on ;)

Watch this space.

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  1. Oooh Caro, you have inspired me… I’m already planning what pieces I can put onto my suede painted chimney breast…

    • Blimey! Check you with your ‘suede effect’ chimney breast!! :) I’m impressed — and shall expect to see a full report when you’ve created your masterpiece!! :) xx

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