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Marvellous Melamine & Cool Caravan Accessories

Caravans are definitely having a resurgence aren’t they? Gone are the days of sad little beige boxes on wheels, accessorised with enamel mugs, Billy cans and dowdy forest green camping chairs. These days they’re bight and bold and full to the brim with cool caravan accessories!

These days you can buy so many beautiful things, that truly reflect your lifestyle.

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Cool Caravan Accessories

When we first started caravanning — many moons ago — the only things that were available were nasty melamine dinner sets from Argos (sorry Argos). These days, you can get colourful crocks from brands such as RICE.

And funky furniture from companies like Joules; who have taken the humble picnic chair — which used to only be available in green or grey — and given it a gorgeous new look; with floral and graphic print fabrics.

Bunting back at camp
Cosmo-Bear and his little friend
Perfect Picnic
My baby boys looking so grown up in their Polo shirts

Cool Camping

To be honest, when we’re out and about in Dolly, setting up our camp is one of the most exciting — and integral — parts of the whole camping experience for us.

Festooning the shelter with bunting and fairy-lights and setting the table with gorgeous melamine crockery, in beautiful patterns and shades, is all part of the fun.

Being able to create a comfy and stylish home-from-home — at a campsite or festival — is definitely one of the draws of caravanning for me. I love having all my home comforts around me (as do the boys).

Spending time at the van, relaxing and having a little bit of peace and quiet — particularly amidst the chaos of a festival — is literally one of my favourite things in the whole world.

Cosmo chilling out

Getting ready for Mojitos!

I love this throw — it doubles up as the perfect picnic rug

I love the fact that you can buy gorgeous homewares for camping too, these days.

And melamine crockery — which used to be so dated and twee — has been given a fresh new look with bold, bright patterns and colour.

Mr D, deep in thought!
The hostess with the mostess — hot dog anyone? 

Bertie looking bright as a button in Breton (trying saying that quickly after a large Mojito!)

Vive La Révolution!

Caravanning has certainly taken on a new lease of life, that’s for sure.

There’s a revolution afoot!

I predict that, before too long, you’ll see more than just the odd coloured caravan on the road. People are realising that the humble touring caravan can be taken and used to create something lovely.

Cheap to buy — even cheaper to run; they’re a total blank canvas for you to create your perfect home on wheels; ugly little tin boxes like Dolly 1 and Dolly Too are enjoying a new lease of life.

As are we.

Here’s to fun and freedom!

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