Colour Your World | #24 Pantone Pink Yarrow

Colour is such a tonic isn’t it? It brightens up the dullest of days and definitely forms the largest part of my wardrobe.

I’ve never been one of the chic, black brigade;

I’ve tried — in vain — to be dark and interesting.

But it’s just not me; I always end up feeling drab and dull.

Funnily enough, I wrote a couple of years ago about my love of colour and print, in fashion.

I used to dither about what colours suited me but then one of my best girlfriends and I had our colours done and it magically transformed the way I felt about shopping for clothes. One of the best things EVER.

Knowing what colours to wear makes it much, much easier to find things that suit you. And — in a weird way – it totally took the stress out of shopping as I had a clearer idea of what I should be looking for.

I soon began to gravitate towards the colours that I knew worked well for my skin tone and, as a result, now have a wardrobe full of colour.

One of my faves is hot pink. Or in the world of Pantone ‘Pink Yarrow’.

Now I know that this shade isn’t everyone’s cuppa but even if you add a bright slash of lipstick or a cheeky hot pink animal print into the mix, you’ll be cheered to see that vibrant pop of colour.

Here are my fave picks of the moment.

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Colour Your World | #24 Pantone Pink Yarrow

1. Pink Zebra Sweater — Nobody’s Child
2. Tassel Earings — Mango
3. Pink Faux Suede Biker Jacket — River Island
4. Luxton Colour Block Scarf — Joules
5. Lyon Cross Body Bag — Boden
6. Semi Matte Lipstick in Sciap — Nars
7. Pink Pleated Skirt — Marks and Spencer
8. Nak Embroidered Trainers — Ash

Not sure that I’d wear it all together, mind you.

(I definitely wouldn’t, just to set the record straight)

but a little pop of this bright beautiful shade — here and there — would be a very welcome sight indeed on a grey day.

And as we’re moving into Autumn there are definitely going to be more of those on the horizon.

So here’s to pink yarrow, fuchsia, hot pink, magenta — whatever you want to label it.

Flying the flag for colour lovers everywhere and bringing a little bit of tropical heat to our winter wardrobe. I salute you, in all your magical pinkness!

Next time, we’ll be looking at Pantone’s colour for 2018:


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    • It’s so weird — I started them almost 3 years ago, can’t believe I’m still doing them! I love colour — these Pantone posts are one of my fave things to write about on the blog! :)

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