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A new year means only one thing here on The Listed Home — a new colour of the year! I had no idea that when I started this blog series three years ago that I’d still be writing them so far down the line. But I adore this little collection of posts; and I especially love exploring the colour-trends for the coming year. Incidentally, the Pantone colour of the year 2018 is Ultra Violet.

I’ve mentioned before, in a previous post, that I used to be a little bit obsessed with the colour purple.

I wore purple clothes and shoes — and even had purple streaks in my hair.

But — given my idol sang about the colour purple (which incidentally is still my favourite book) and wore purple suits — it’s not wholly surprising.

What can I say? I was easily influenced.

The Loss of a Legend.

When he died, last year, I was bereft.

To feel such a keen sense of grief — for the loss of someone you don’t really know and have never met — is odd. But I was genuinely heartbroken. And cried a river for the loss of my childhood hero; the world’s greatest musician and showman, Prince Rogers Nelson.

I recalled an incident — from August 1990 — when my teenaged friends and I had driven up to Manchester to watch him play.

After the concert we followed his tour bus — and a limousine — back down to London in a crazy car chase. I must point out that it was the dead of night but, even so, reversing up an empty motorway to maintain pursuit was sheer madness.

Exciting though. And it made for wonderful memories — and a story that’s been retold many times.

When we reached our final destination, his body-guard confiscated our car keys. And we sat and watched the comings and goings of his entourage. With me, pleading with the others to let me out of the car, so I could just explain that we were not assassins or paparazzi (not sure that term even existed back then). We didn’t mean any harm — we just wanted to say thank you.

I was so convinced that his crew would have taken pity on me — and I would have got to meet my idol. But my friends were convinced that I’d probably end up being shot and dumped in a bin. After all, American body-guards had guns (and different protocols to the demure English). According to the movies, anyway.

So I stayed in the car.

But to this day, I wonder what would have happened if I’d got out.

So, although the Pantone Institute say all kinds about their colour of the year 2018:

A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.

— when I see the colour purple (particularly one as true and vivid as Ultra Violet) the thoughts and emotions that it stirs up for me are a little different.

But, without further ado, here’s a little round up of the kind of purple goodness you can currently fill your basket with.

Colour of the Year 2018 | Ultra Violet

1. Zipped Biker Jacket — Mango
2. Purple Leather Sugarcube — Zatchels
3. All Access Pass Nail Colour — Essie
4. The Glamour Muse Palette — Charlotte Tilbury
5. Motif Sweater — H&M
6. Kitsound Wireless Headphones — AO.Com
7. Anaheim Factory Authentic 44 — Vans
8. Charge 2 in Plum — Fitbit

I *nearly* bucked the trend and threw a little raspberry beret in for good measure but I figured we’ve had enough Prince related content for one day.

So there we have it.

A little round up of items in Ultra Violet; Colour of the Year 2018.

And a little celebration of the genius composer who has provided the soundtrack to my life. May he rest in peace.

Next time we’ll be looking at:

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  1. My friends are currently mid-renovation and are thinking of painting the living room ultra violet, a bold choice.
    P.S. I now have Raspberry Beret stuck in my head on a loop.

    • Blimey. That IS a bold choice!!! Not sure I could cope with it on the walls — and I’d forgotten about Raspberry Beret!! LOL!!! I’ve got it stuck in my head again too!!!!! xx

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