The Tiger Who Came To Tea and Frugi Bedding


Summer has been a wash out so far hasn’t it?

As I’m sitting here, typing this, the sky is a steely grey and the rain is drumming a tune on the roof of my new office. Its a far cry from the sun-drenched picture in my head, when I think of summer.

Not many days in the garden so far, that’s for sure.

Well, actually, that’s not strictly true. We’ve had days in the garden but we’ve been wearing macs and wellies at the time — not shorts and t-shirts.

It’s such a shame. The boys have got a lovely tee-pee from GLTC that a couple of of our lovely friends bought them for their naming day. It’s into it’s third year now and comes out every summer.

Although so far, this year, it’s been up just a couple of times.

Sad times indeed :(

So to rectify this, the other day when it was raining (again), I made a little indoor camp for the boys.

I created a tee-pee, using some gorgeous bedding we’d been sent. We read a couple of books and they had a little tea-party, with some of their toys.

A little indoor camp, perfect for rainy days
Bedding by Frugi — teaset by GLTC
Campervans everywhere!

Given the fact we were pretending to camp out, it was very fitting that the bedding I used to make the tee-pee had a campervan design!

The bedding was by Frugi; best known for their swoon-worthy childrens’ clothes and maternity-wear.

I’ve always loved Frugi’s designs and aesthetic. Their beautiful, bold colours and prints, often overlaid with with quirky appliqué, really appeal to the designer in me.

But the best thing is, as well as looking great, the fabrics they use are all certified organic, which means they’re not treated with nasty chemicals.

So as well as feeling lovely and soft, they’re also kind to the environment too.

Frugi bedding — 100% Organic
Frugi bedding comes in it’s own bag
Button fastenings

Their kids’ bedding is no exception.

SO soft — it feels really lovely — and the colours are so lovely and bright.

Frugi currently have three bedding designs, all beautifully vivid with co-ordinating patterns on the underside, so you can change the look if you fancy.

Each set comes in it’s own little fabric bag and contains a duvet cover and a pillowcase, in UK cot-bed or single bed size.

And the duvet covers have sweet little button fastenings too. Sometimes a bit of a fiddle to do but they look lovely, so I can forgive that ;)


So anyway. There we were. Pretending to camp in the campervan bedding tee-pee, reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea, whilst the rain ran down the windows in rivulets.

Then it was actually tea-time, and the Twinkles dutifully trekked off downstairs to have some milk and biscuits.

The indoor tee-pee was abandoned, as my little friends took residence in front of the TV for a while (watching ‘Cars’ — the current favourite — for the hundredth time).

And I went back upstairs to pack everything away and fold up the bedding.

And then I saw it.

A real little tiger, who had come to tea.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea — our gorgeous Serenchops

Thank you so much to the lovely folk at Frugi, for sending the boys the gorgeous Campervan bedding. We’re looking forward to using it in Dolly the caravan, when we go proper camping, later this summer!

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14 thoughts on “The Tiger Who Came To Tea and Frugi Bedding”

  1. Beautiful bedding – in fact both of my girls love campervans and would adore this! I don’t mind the button fastenings, having had several popper fastenings coming off duvets in the past. What a gorgeous “real tiger” you have too. She obviously approved of your tee pee!

    • It’s lovely isn’t it? And yep — I can forgive the buttons as they look so darn cute!!! Not *quite* as cute as our little tiger though — she loved it in there and was a little upset when I folded it all away!! :) xx

  2. Such a shame they’ve not managed to use their teepee yet in the garden. But your creation looks fab and so much fun. The bedding itself is gorgeous!! A little boys dream, it looks great quality too and if it makes a great indoor den, then I’m sold!

  3. What a lovely post and I love that shot of your cat at the end – exactly what my cats would do! I have never been a fan of Frugi clothing but the bedding looks amazing xxx


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