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CLAXON SOUNDING! It’s nearly that time of year folks. ‘V-day’ is just around the corner and in just two weeks time you can bet your life there’ll be a queue at every garage in the country, for overpriced roses. But if you’re quick and fancy spoiling your lover with something a little more thoughtful, read on…

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Photography Lovers

Is your loved one mad keen on photography? Valentine’s day gifts don’t have to just be hearts and flowers after all.  You could spoil them with one of the new breed of (Professional) Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras or treat them to a clever Photography Backdrop; (I’m building up quite a collection of these and for thirty quid, they make a reasonably priced gift that any photography lover would be chuffed to receive)!

Thoughtful Valentine's Gifts for Photographers
Thoughtful Gifts for Photographers
  1.  The Panasonic Lumix DC-S1RM — Full frame mirrorless camera
  2. Zhiyun Smooth 4 Phone Gimbal Stabilizer — Perfect for budding videographers
  3. Digitally Printed Vinyl Backdrops — The perfect background
  4. Original Lensball Pro — For creating a little bit of visual magic
  5. The Hanborough Backpack/Shoulder Bag From Fig — For stylish photographers on the go

Thoughtful Gifts For Readers

I featured a book subscription gift in my Valentine’s day gift guide a few years ago.

Happily the little company is still going strong and their literary packages make lovely presents for book-worms. But if you fancy something a little different from a book subscription, these literary inspired gifts will definitely raise a smile.

Thoughtful Valentine's Gifts for Readers
Valentine’s Gifts for Readers
  1. Framed Book Page Print — The perfect gift for a literary lover
  2. Personalised Bookshelf T-Shirt — Immortalise their favourite books on a t-shirt   
  3. Personalised Leather Bookmark — A thoughtful reminder of the page (& that they’re loved!) 
  4. Love Books Enamel Pin — Wear their heart on their sleeve (or chest)
  5. Penguin Books Jane Austen Mug — For your own Mr (or Mrs) Darcey

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Music Lovers

If books or photography aren’t their thing, music is always a fail-safe and thoughtful option. After all (as some bright spark* once said):

If music be the food of love, play on…

*William Shakespeare

Thoughtful Valentine's Gifts For Music Lovers
Gifts For Music Lovers
  1. Personalised Wooden Music Box — For the sunshine of your life
  2. Personalised Mix-Tape Papercut — A modern take on a retro classic
  3. Magnetic Fridge Poetry For Music Lovers — Get creative in the kitchen
  4. Personalised 7inch Single — The soundtrack of your life
  5. Bowie, Jackson & Elton Socks — To show them they’re loved from head to toe

So there we have it!

The pick of the bunch for photographers, bookworms and music lovers — and infinitely more thoughtful than a sad bunch of flowers from the garage.

Maximum Brownie points for any/all of the above!

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