26 weeks and 5 days | The Twinkles are 6 months old!

I cannot believe how quickly time seems to be going.

It’s as though someone has pressed the fast forward button on my life and everything is double the speed.

The Twinkles are 6 months old!

It certainly doesn’t feel like half a year has passed since they were born.

The days have gone by in the blink of an eye — another blink and we’ll be celebrating their actual, first year, birthday!!

What’s Happening, Development Wise?


So development wise, Cosmo is now rolling over with ease. He can get onto his tummy but rolling back again is causing him some headaches!

And us too.

Because when we put him into his cot for a sleep — did I mention that we’ve ditched the Moses baskets now? — he happily rolls over, then can’t work out how to get back and starts to get very upset.

Cue, Dickie or I running up and down the stairs to rescue him.

This can happen 2 or 3 times before he gets the message that it’s time to go to sleep.

Twinkles are 6 months old!
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Bertie is still happy to lie on his back. There doesn’t seem to be any determination on his part to move yet. He has been blowing raspberries for England though!

This probably has something to do with him teething, but it’s so funny to watch!

I have been feeding them a little more baby porridge each day;  it still looks a lot like wallpaper paste but at least it doesn’t taste like it…  the baby-rice managed to look and taste like it.


Twinkles are 6 months old!
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

The Twinkles are 6 months old!

It’s been really cold over the weekend… the summer has finally exited, stage left, and autumn is finally here.

This was made more noticeable by the fact that our boiler seems to have packed up. It manages to heat the water (thankfully!) but we don’t have any central heating at the moment, so the cottage has felt pretty cold.

This time last year I was about 2 and a half months pregnant.

We had our first, booking scan, on October 1st. I remember it so clearly.

We’d been to our friend’s wedding on the Saturday before and it felt really weird not be drinking at a celebration! A few people had questioned it, but I just told them I was driving. Nobody — apart from the bride and groom — had any idea that I was carrying two little passengers; that I had a very precious cargo onboard.

Dickie and I were so full of hopes and fears at that stage.

We were absolutely thrilled to see our little offspring, swimming about, on the sonographer’s screen. That scan was magical. No longer a couple of blobs — which is what we had seen at the 7 week scan — these were proper babies!

It was the first time that I thought there could be a chance that we were finally going to be parents. And now look! A year later and those funny little shapes on the scan pictures are now real-life, tiny people!!  We don’t have to gaze at a grainy, black and white image to see them.

Or imagine what they’re going to look like. Or feel like in our arms.

They are really here. Upstairs, sleeping in the nursery!

Or not sleeping… as I can hear them now! It’s nearly 2 o’clock — time for them to get up. They are like clockwork. I almost don’t need to look at a clock any more — they are better at this routine than me!

Until next time… x

Twinkles are 6 months old!
The Twinkles are 6 months old!
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
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