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The McDonald’s Effect {Family Time and McDonald’s Character Visits} | AD

This is a paid post with McDonalds to promote the McDonald’s character visits. Although this is a collaborative post all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own. 

Through the mists of time (OK — I’m exaggerating — throughout my lifetime) there has been an unequivocal link between children’s happiness and McDonald’s.

Our family are not regular patrons of fast-food eateries but my parents would occasionally stop at a motorway services, or take us out on a weekend, and treat us.

And it really was a treat.

The excitement induced by a Happy Meal was undeniable and a trip to McDonald’s is something that I’ve always associated with happy family times.

I remember so vividly when the first one opened in my home town.

It had a ginormous train along one wall — with booths inside — that you could sit and eat your food in.

My sister and I loved those occasions that our mum and dad took us all out for a McDonald’s treat. Those memories are synonymous with good times.

The McDonald’s Effect

Roll on thirty years and Maccy D’s still has the same inexplicable draw.

Even when my tiny boys had never even been near a McDonald’s restaurant — let alone set foot inside — the lure of those golden arches was strong.

How they knew what was beyond the doors was a mystery.

We took them for their first Happy Meal last year, which was met with much enthusiasm.

Although in their excitement they got the name wrong; and were convinced the golden ‘M’ stood for Mini-Meadows (which has stuck).

It struck me that — decades on — a trip to McDonald’s is as much a family treat, nowadays, as it was when my sister and I were younger; it’s not lost it’s charm.

So when Mini-Meadows McDonald’s invited the boys — and some of their friends — along to a sneak preview of one of their new ‘Character Visits’, the excitement (from all of us) was genuine.

McDonald's Character Visits — Angry birds — Family fun
McDonald's Character Visits — Angry birds — Family fun
McDonald's Character Visits — Angry birds — Family fun
McDonald's Character Visits — Angry birds — Family fun

Family Good Times

McDonald’s have 2,600 events planned around the UK, this year, ranging from ‘Family Fun Days’ to ‘Character Visits’

Over the next few months — in various McDonald’s restaurants across Britain — there will be fun, free, family-focused events; which will transform a lunchtime treat into something extra special.

It’s a family affair — my beautiful sister and my niece

The events last for an hour and a half; and feature games, activities, songs — and photo opportunities with the character.

The Angry Bird character visits will be happening from 3rd October until 20th November 2018 (which includes the half term holidays!) and will elevate a trip to McDonald’s into something really memorable.


McDonald's Character visits
Seeing the Angry Bird arrive!
Cheeky little faces — so gorgeous!

Up Close and Personal

To say my boys enjoyed getting up close and personal with Red, the Angry Bird, at our local branch of McDonald’s, would be a massive understatement. They were totally thrilled.

The Happy Crew managed to tame over 20 excitable children — ranging in age from 5 to 12 — and keep them all entertained, with games and activities.

It was like watching the Pied Piper in action; the kids were spellbound.

But the noise levels were FEROCIOUS!

I’ve never heard anything like it!!

Getting up close and personal with Big Red!
McDonald's Character Visits
McDonald’s Character Visits equal LOTS of fun!

If you’ve got a family birthday coming up, it would be well worth checking to see if there’s an event happening near you.

It would be a brilliant way to celebrate.

And best of all, your entertainment would be free.

Our local branch was bedecked with balloons and the Happy Crew were some of the best childrens’ entertainers I’ve ever seen. It had the look and feel of a very well organised birthday party.

An Extra Side of Magic

It was such a brilliant afternoon.

A great opportunity to hang out with family and friends and — although the Character Visits are very much aimed at children — all the parents who came along really enjoyed it too.

It was lovely to see our children so animated and excited.

The ‘Character Visits’ bring some of our childrens’ favourite Happy Meal characters to life; and, in doing so, make the McDonald’s magic even stronger.

McDonald's Character Visits — Angry Birds — Family Fun
Best Angry Bird faces at the ready!

If there’s a Character Visit happening the next time you visit a branch of McDonald’s — you might just find that there’s a little more on the menu than usual.

From my septuagenarian dad (whose preference is a Big Mac) to my little boys (who favour chicken nuggets), McDonald’s really seems to have something for everyone these days.

But combined with the Character Visits, each meal is served with an extra side of magic.

Fries might be optional but fun — and a big dose of happiness — comes as standard.

To see what happened during our Character Visit, have a look at my little film (thankfully the sound has been muted so you can enjoy it without your hearing being compromised)!

Many thanks to the lovely team at McDonald’s Daventry for accommodating our family and friends. It was absolutely a day to remember!

McDonald's Character Visits — Angry birds — Family fun
Meeting Big Red

8 thoughts on “The McDonald’s Effect {Family Time and McDonald’s Character Visits} | AD”

  1. I remember the occasional trip to McDonald’s when I was a child and it was synonymous with trips to the cinema with my friends as I became a teenager too. There was nothing like this when I was younger! It looks and sounds like great fun (although I can imagine the noise levels – I’m not sure I’d cope!). I wonder what other characters put in an appearance…?

    • Same!! We always used to go to McDonald’s after a film too!! It’s funny what connotations you have with something isn’t it? Apparently they had Mario and a character from Hotel Transylvania earlier in the year. I’d definitely take the boys back to another character visit, if there was one nearby. It was so memorable :) But YES. Those noise levels were something else. Take your earplugs if you go!!

  2. Well this is perfect timing for Half Term – how fabulous! You’ve really captured the excitement, fun and NOISE (!!!) of the event so well, Caro. I bet your boys have been the talk of the town – what a fantastic way to have fun with friends :) xx


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