Bringing London Fashion Week Home

Ever since I was a teen, I’ve had love/hate relationship with fashion. In some respects I love it. I love the creativity, the drama. Seeing the models stomping down the catwalk at London Fashion Week is a joy to behold. Particularly when they’re wearing something weird and wonderful.

But that’s it, isn’t it?

The majority of it is weird.

And sometimes not quite so wonderful.

Whilst things may look amazing on a 9ft tall, gamine model — striding down a cleverly lit walkway — in real life (on a real person) you’d get laughed out of the pub.

Talking of which — when I was at Kingston School of Art — my friends and I would ogle the ‘Fssh-on’ students in the union bar at Knights Park —  marvelling, on a daily basis, at some of the more ‘creative’ outfits.

But London Fashion Week is on another level entirely.

A Filtered Down Version of London Fashion Week

Whilst I can’t see myself wearing any of those anytime soon, you can be sure that the creations that we see during fashion week, will invariably filter down to the high-street at some point, later this year.

They may not be as avante-garde as the images above — but you can bet your bottom dollar that the colours, shapes or finishes will be translated in a way that can be worn by regular humans.

But — if you still can’t see yourself wearing pink taffeta — why not bring a little bit of London Fashion Week to your home instead?

For example…

Take the beautiful cyclamen pink that we’ve seen all over the catwalk and treat your sitting room to a beautiful handmade sofa.

The Hartfield range, from Arlo and Jacob, will bring a glorious pop of colour into your life, without a whiff of taffeta anywhere to be seen.

Or if pink isn’t your colour, you could go with rust —

or sumptuous emerald green velvet?

Are you all over pattern?

If you’re feeling a little braver still and are inspired by some of the amazing all-over patterns, seen at the Rixo show, you could go for a ditsy floral.

or a check?

They’re a far cry from our plain white sofas, that’s for sure; there are so many beautiful shapes, colours and patterns coming from February’s London Fashion Week.

And whilst some of it ‘may’ be totally bonkers and not suitable for a trip down to Tesco, there’s an awful lot that translates so beautifully for the home.

And some that, try as I might, I can’t ever see working.

Some things are most definitely best kept on the catwalk.

Or in the union bar at Knights Park.

Caro Davies editor of The Listed Home
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Caro Davies is a former art-director turned writer and content-creator, and editor behind UK lifestyle blog The Listed Home. She writes about home-related topics, from interiors and DIY to food and craft. The Listed Home has been featured in various publications, including Ideal Home, Grazia, and Homes & Antiques magazines.

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