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Looking Forward To The Blenheim Palace Christmas Lights Trail 2021

I was scrolling through my phone earlier this week and came across some photos and film of the Blenheim Palace Christmas Lights trail from last year.

It was the first time we’d been out of our village as a family of 4 in months; since well before the first lockdown. And we were so excited to finally go and experience a Christmas event together.

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is one of Britains’s largest houses (and arguably one of the most impressive).

Nestled in the beautiful village of Woodstock, Oxfordshire, it was the birthplace of Winston Churchill.

It’s the most beautiful place to visit and we’d been many times before; for summer days out and picnics.

But it was the first time we’d gone to see the Christmas lights and I was so excited — particularly as it’s touted as being one of the best Christmas lights trails in the UK.

The Blenheim Palace Christmas Lights Trail

The Lights Trail at Blenheim

The lights trail begins at the palace itself and winds its way through the grounds of the Blenheim estate.

There are so many things to look at; and it’s not just a feast for the eyes but for all the senses. The light displays are set to music and it’s really, really magical.

There was a little market before the trail started; selling light balloons and all sorts of food and beverages.

We stopped and got a mulled wine for Mr D, two hot chocolates for the boys; and a boozy, Bailey’s hot chocolate for me.

Very, very delicious and a good way of warming my hands up as it was a very, very cold night!

The Blenheim Palace Christmas Lights Trail
The Blenheim Palace Christmas Lights Trail

As you walk round, the trees are lit up and there are so many amazing installations to look at.

It really is breathtaking.

The Lowdown About Blenheim Palace Christmas Events

What do the tickets to the Christmas Lights Trail Cost?

The tickets for Blenheim Palace Christmas Events are fairly expensive — a family ticket (2 adults and 2 kids) for the illuminated trail (which includes a £10 parking fee for one vehicle) costs £84 this year.

So it’s not cheap.

It was £3 cheaper last year but I paid for refund protection, which was £6. And that with the booking fee took the total cost to £89.60.

But — in my humble opinion — it’s well worth the expense.

Blenheim Palace all lit up for the Christmas Lights Trail

If you want a lovely couple of hours distraction from life in general — and fancy immersing yourself in a magical wonderland — Blenheim Palace Christmas tickets are worth the money.

Beautiful light arch for the Blenheim Palace Christmas Lights Trail

Parking at Blenheim

There is absolutely stacks of parking. We were directed onto a huge field — where wardens were ushering everyone in.

As I mentioned above, the parking ticket (for one vehicle) is included in the cost of your tickets to the Christmas Lights Trail. But if you’re going en-masse, you’ll need to book extra tickets for each car you’re taking.

Also, a word to the wise; the car park is a little way from the main event (and grassy underfoot). Wear wellies — or appropriate footwear!

Three ships at the  Blenheim Palace Christmas Lights Trail
The dove from above at the Blenheim Palace Christmas Lights Trail
The dove from above

How Long Does The Blenheim Lights Trail Take

The illuminated trail at Blenheim takes between and hour and two hours. Probably an hour if you’re speed walking and not taking any pictures (although why you’d do that I’m really not sure!).

But if you want to savour each moment — or are walking with children (or the elderly) — and stopping to take in all the beautiful sights, it’s definitely worth allocating yourself a couple of hours.

The boys were 7 when we visited the Blenheim Palace Christmas lights and although there was a fair bit of walking involved, it was gentle and meandering.

One thing I would say though is wrap up warm!

It was mid December when we went, and very, very cold.

Even with plenty of layers, the winter chill started biting. Thankfully as we reached the end of the Christmas light trail.

Lovely, moving tribute to the NHS workers
The Blenheim Palace Christmas lights
The Blenheim Palace Christmas lights
I saw three ships…

Food & Drink at The Blenheim Palace Christmas Lights

There were lots of little food and drink huts as we walked round.

I was really pleased — as it had been a bit of a rush to get there and the kids hadn’t had any tea! We bought hotdogs; and ate them as we were going round.

Granted, it wasn’t cordon bleu cooking but it was perfect.

There’s a lot of chat (mostly negative) on Trip Advisor about the cost of food and drink at the Blenheim Lights Trail but, given the year we had just had, I really didn’t begrudge spending six quid on a mulled wine.

Granted, the whole thing was a pricey (even to go to) but if you’re looking for a ‘treat’ for the family — and I reiterate the word ‘treat’.

It’s really, really worth the splurge.

Smiles all round (Bert practicing his best ‘rabbit in the headlights’ expression)

The Perfect Wintery Treat

We saw ‘Santa’ waving at the end of the Christmas Lights trail and Bertie and Cosmo were definitely not convinced by him.

Perhaps if they’d been younger, he might have passed their critical appraisal. But after seeing the ‘real’ Father Christmas at Lapland UK, it takes a lot to convince them! Our day out there was so memorable and meeting the ‘real’ Santa is something that the boys haven’t forgotten.

But this wasn’t about Santa.

I think Blenheim Palace Christmas tickets are really worth the expense. It gave us all a lovely night out.

It was the perfect way to spend a wintery Friday night with the kids; and a fantastic beginning to the Christmas festivities that followed.

The Blenheim Palace Christmas lights trail

The music, the lights and the beautiful setting was exactly what the four of us needed, after such a harrowing year.

Seeing all the trees lit up — and the gorgeous lights snaking through the parkland — was such an antidote to the greyness and mundanity of lockdown.

The Blenheim Palace Christmas lightstrail

If you’re looking for a family treat — and the perfect way to add a bit of colour and sparkle to your life —this winter, I highly recommend Blenheim Palace Christmas lights.

I took so much film footage and made a little film of our evening to go with this blog post. It’s only 3 minutes long and it gives a real sense of the magic and wonder.

PS — this isn’t an ad! I just wanted to share what an amazing time we had.

If you’d like to book tickets visit Christmas At Blenheim Palace for more details.

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    • It was really, really lovely, Just what we needed after such a rough year. It was expensive, but I think sometimes, things are worth so much more than the financial cost :)

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