Packing for a long weekend away

Even before I had the boys I was never one for packing light.

I used to pore over the pages of Red and Grazia, marvelling over glossy pages of chic capsule wardrobes. Then when it came to packing in ‘real’ life, I’d panic and cram in clothes for every eventuality.

I’ve never been too good at the pared down look; be it for home, fashion — or life in general.

A case of go big or go home.

But last month when we went on our little adventure in St Mawes, I made a pact with myself to ‘try’ and pack as lightly as possible.

Tricky — as the weather can be so unpredictable at this time of year— but necessary. Particularly as the car was bursting at the seams, with everything two little boys might need for a week away.

Two (or three) outfit changes a day for me, plus bikini, wellies, rain-mac, sunhat, maxi-dress, dungarees, sequins (just in case) was not going to cut it.

I needed something casual to wear during the day — and possibly a sweater to throw on if things got a little too chilly — plus we’d got a special dinner planned, to celebrate my birthday and wedding anniversary so I wanted something a little bit glam and pretty to wear too.

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Packing for a long weekend away

I decided on a pair of skinny grey jeans, which could be dressed up and down.

Plus a loose shirt with a ditsy floral print and a flounced hem, for daytime wear.

Packing for a long weekend away

Casual enough to feel comfortable but also easy enough to dress up with a pair of earrings and a nice watch on the days that we went out for long, lazy lunches.

My current favourite is a gorgeous rose gold beauty, with a grey strap, by The Camden Watch Company.

Packing for a long weekend away

Packing for a long weekend away

For the day-time I also packed my new favourite item of clothing; a gorgeous sixties style jumper from Laura Ashley.

I love the multi-tonal knit and the cute stand-up collar.

Simple styling has elevated this humble jumper to another level and gives it a real retro vibe. When I wear it I definitely feel as though I’m channeling Audrey Hepburn.

Packing for a long weekend away

Packing for a long weekend away

Packing for a long weekend away

This little jumper ended up getting a LOT of wear.

The weather in St Mawes was fairly erratic; it felt like spring at times and deepest winter at others. I was so grateful for a cosy knit to throw on when the temperature began to drop.

The final item in my weekend bag was a floral print blouse.

The perfect way to glam up a pair of jeans; this lovely garment is made from a lightweight chiffon fabric and has fabulous bell sleeves. Definitely a must-have wardrobe item at the mo.

Plus, after wearing a mostly monochrome palette, it was lovely to dress up in something feminine and floral, for our celebration dinner.

Packing for a long weekend away

So there we have it; four key items to cover all eventualities.

Packing for a long weekend away made easy!

PS — I might have been a little economical with the truth here. I *might* have taken a few other bits and pieces that happened to find their way into my suitcase.

But hey. One thing at a time.

I didn’t pack the sequins.

Thanks so much to Laura Ashley for providing me with the garments for the purposes of styling my capsule wardrobe for a long weekend away

This is a collaborative post but all thoughts, words and images and styling — as ever — are entirely my own.

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  1. I’m going away for one night this weekend and I feel your pain, I’m taking a ridiculous amount of clothes as it’s a hen do and I’m still not sure what I want to wear :) I love the Laura Ashley Jumper – it looks so good on you as does the lovely floral top – you always seem to be wearing something beautiful Caro xx


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