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Our Bluestone Adventure 2 | Getting Around

Disclosure: We were given a complimentary 4 night stay in return for an honest review of our Bluestone Adventure. All photos, thoughts and words are my own.

The Bluestone National Park Resort is set over 500 acres of amazing Pembrokeshire countryside with some breathtaking views and gorgeous fresh Welsh country air.

Needless to say the site is pretty big!

As Bluestone is mostly traffic free, on the first day you drive down to your lodge to unpack and then you’re asked to take your car back up to the car park — where it will stay for the duration of your stay. Obviously you have access to it whenever you want and you can drive off the site,  at any time, but you aren’t able to drive back into the site, to your lodge, until the day you leave.

So to get around at Bluestone it’s recommended that you hire the golf buggies or bikes that are available. You can also use your legs but it can be a long walk, some of it quite hilly too.

The Bluestone Site

Our Bluestone Adventure 2 | Getting Around
The Resort Map | Bluestone

As the road system is one-way, although our lodge looked pretty close to the car park —on the map — because of the road layout it was as far away as it could possibly be!

Top Tip! Hire Golf Buggies!

We had chosen to hire bikes, which on a sunny day is by far the best way to travel. On a rainy day — and it rained heavily for 2 of the 3 days we visited — a golf buggy is probably a better choice! ;)

I’d recommend looking at the weather report carefully before you go!

Getting Around Bluestone

Our Bluestone Adventure 2 | Getting Around
Our Hired Bike & Trailer
Our Bluestone Adventure 2 | Getting Around
My boy on his bike! 
My three boys
The Twinkles enjoying their first bike ride | Bluestone
The Twinkles having a ball in the bike trailer | Bluestone
Me, looking a little dishevelled, after a rainy bike ride to the car | Bluestone

The Village At Bluestone

At the heart of Bluestone is ‘The Village’ — a purpose built area with restaurants, shops — even a pub — everything you could need whilst you’re staying there.

We ate out twice whilst we were on our little adventure. Unlike similar holiday destinations, the food and drinks prices at Bluestone were pretty reasonable.

We didn’t feel as though we were being held to ransom and being asked to pay an extortionate amount, in either the restaurants or the little village shop.

Little things like that make you want to go back somewhere.

If the prices had been really exorbitant we’d be less likely to want to return but, as it is, we can’t wait to visit again. Hopefully when the weather is a little kinder to us!

Some Images Of Bluestone Village

The Village Map | Bluestone
The Farmhouse Grill | Bluestone
Adventure playground walkway | Bluestone
The ‘village’ store
The Lake
The Village
The Village | Bluestone
Toy Shop
Toy Shop
My little adventurers enjoying a bit of puddle jumping
Just hanging out | Bluestone

What We Think Of Bluestone

You could stay at Bluestone and not have any need to venture further afield for your entire stay! The site is so big and there were so many activities to keep us amused — plus lovely walks, scenic pathways and forests to explore…

The village has everything you need — particularly the little general store which had a great choice of things — it even stocked my favourite gin ;)

One thing I’d say is — book the bikes or buggies well in advance if you’re going at peak season. I can imagine that they get snapped up pretty quickly.

Walking round the site for your entire holiday would be very tiresome. Cycling was pretty hard work up the hills and on the very rainy days I was wishing we had a golf buggy!

That said, getting a bit of exercise was lovely and the scenery from the bikes was amazing!! Have a look at our little movie, to give you a taste of what getting around Bluestone was really like.