Spotlight On Mens Smart Casual Clothing {Introducing Samuel Windsor} AD

Disclosure: This post for Mens Smart Casual Clothing is a paid partnership with Samuel Windsor and was kindly given a voucher to buy products to photograph for the purposes of styling this post but all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

Although I’ve written about menswear on the blog before, mens smart casual clothing is not something I’ve touched on but — given I live with three gentlemen — it’s about time I broached the subject!

Mr D  has gone through phases with his dress-sense over the years (as have I).

But, as we’ve been together since our 20s, I guess it’s natural for taste and style to change and evolve.

Mens clothing can sometimes be a little bit hit and miss (particularly when you reach a certain age) but I love his current style.

It’s smart enough for the office but casual enough to wear on a weekend pub outing. Relaxed enough to be a little bit ‘country gentleman’; whilst still being sharp enough to work in the city.

Mens Clothing For The Over 40s

It seems to me that (a bit like womenswear) menswear kind of slides down a big ravine when you’re over 40.

There are LOADS of online menswear retailers, all pushing clothes that look great on hip 20 and 30 year olds but seeing a 40+ year old male, rocking a skinny jean/scoop t-shirt combo (as favoured by the All Saints crew) just looks a bit ram dressed as lamb.

GQ once stated:

When it comes to clothing, there’s a fundamental difference between “fashion” and “style” – and the key to dressing in your 40s is to favour the latter.

Mr D has certainly embraced this and, these days, I think he’s nailed the mens smart casual clothing look.

Introducing Samuel Windsor — Affordable Mens Smart Casual Clothing

His current favourite online gentleman’s retailer is Samuel Windsor.

They sell a fantastic range of mens smart casual clothing at really, really great prices.

And when I say ‘great’, I genuinely mean great. All of the clothing in these pics —apart from the jeans (models own) — were bought for £110.45. Given that a lot of men’s brogues alone cost more than that, I’d say that’s pretty reasonable!

Navy suede brogues from Samuel Windsor — Affordable Mens Smart Casual Clothing 
Brogues look fab with jeans and make a nice change from trainers
Bradenham Tweed Jacket from Samuel Windsor
A sports jacket is a great asset to any man’s wardrobe — we love this Bradenham Tweed jacket.

A decent shirt, a sports jacket and a nice pair of shoes are always a good investment but, usually, men’s tailoring is super-expensive.

To be able to buy all of them for less than £150 is a total bargain.

Samuel Windsor mirror a lot of the new breed of fashion websites in terms of their affordable pricing; but the difference is, instead of ‘fast fashion’ their offering is stylish and timeless garments, shoes and accessories,

The Devil’s in the Detail

I love all the little details of a well put-together outfit.

I always notice a man’s shoes (ugly sports trainers with a pair of stonewashed jeans definitely don’t float my boat!) and I always notice little things like the lining in a jacket or a watch or sunglasses.

Moleskin shirt — just £22.50!!

The Samuel Windsor products manage to bridge the gap between smart tailoring and really affordable menswear; little details like the garment stitching, down to the shoe horn that comes with the suede brogues.

Plus everything comes beautifully packaged.

Ageing Gracefully

As I said at the start of this post, I’ve covered menswear on the blog before.

We’ve worked with various high street retailers over the year and Mr D has always been a willing ‘model’.

I loved the pics that our friend Anne took a couple of years ago and also the shots from 100 Acre Wood. Mr D rocks the lumberjack look!

But these images are, unquestionably, my favourite.

This is how my handsome husband looks when he’s off to a business meeting; and I always catch my breath and think that I love him just as much now as I did when he was in his 20s.

I know I’m biased but I think he’s definitely ageing gracefully.

That said, whilst he’s got the mens smart casual clothing look down to a tee —  I do also love the fact he can still pull off a pair of spangly leggings and the glitterball helmet at a festival.

After all, ageing gracefully is one thing but growing up is quite another.

2 thoughts on “Spotlight On Mens Smart Casual Clothing {Introducing Samuel Windsor} AD”

  1. Looking very sharp indeed Mr D. May have to get my hubby into some sharp threads as we seem to be going down the comfy tracksuits and slippers route a couple of decades early!!!

    • Hi lovely — thanks for dropping in.

      It’s easy to do though isn’t it?! I’m definitely guilt of the slippers/joggers combo!! I’m really impressed with the Samuel Windsor stuff; it’s kind of like Moss Bros with ASOS prices!

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