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As a lone woman in a houseful of boys, there’s not a lot of pink in our home. But I have managed to buck the trend with a blush bedroom.

Pink has never been vetoed but — naturally — it’s just not a colour that makes much of an appearance.

Until now.

We recently invested in a new bed. We swapped our 20 year old wrought iron bed-frame for a smart, grey upholstered version — and I decided to redecorate our bedroom in readiness.

The inky blue walls got a fresh coat of white paint and I decided to invest in some lovely new bedding too.

Is Blush Pink a Good Colour for a Bedroom?

Unless you’re 6 years old, it’s unlikely that Barbie Pink is a good call for bedroom walls, but a blush bedroom is calming and relaxing.

It feels warm and has a clean, simple vibe. Particularly if you’ve gone for a strong colour in the bedroom previously.

I chose not to paint our walls in blush pink — instead opting for white — but I chose blush pink accessories; including bedding and artwork.

Blush Bedroom accessories paired with grey
Blush Bedroom accessories paired with grey

What Colours go Well with Blush Pink?

Blush pink is such a versatile shade; definitely not sickly sweet and when it’s paired with white and grey it takes on a luxe, modern feel.

It can elevate an otherwise monochrome colour-scheme and given it warmth and definition.

Green also works incredibly well with very soft pink.

From deepest, darkest forest green to earthy moss and olive shades.

I didn’t want to go overboard with the blush bedroom accessories but Laura Ashley have the most lovely things in store at the moment and I spotted a gorgeous knitted blanket, edged with the softest faux fur pom poms.

It goes so beautifully with the bedlinen but, also, it works equally well thrown over a chair

How Do You Decorate a Bedroom Pink and Grey?

I included some lovely artwork from Desenio to tie everything together; the addition of pink on the walls is so subtle but it’s made the world of difference to the look and feel of the room.

I always think it’s amazing how you can totally alter the ambience of a space, with some minor changes.

It makes me so happy to know that with a couple of new cushions and a few different pictures, my blush bedroom can be easily changed if I decide I want a new look.

I love how the Desenio artwork ties in with the bedlinen — and I especially love the ‘She designed a life she loved‘ print. That was made for me!

In the Pink

Amazingly, not one of the boys (either the man-shaped or the tiny variety) have commented about the addition of pink, other than to say how lovely the room looks.

I daresay, if I’d suggested a blush pink and grey bedroom to Richard, he’d have definitely not been too keen.

But the new bed and blush pink accessories have made our bedroom into such a haven.

Getting out of bed in a morning is tricky at the best of times but I’m finding myself wanting to sneak away and read my book in the middle of the day.

And I’m also finding myself wanting to introduce more pink in the house!

Softly, softly…

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14 thoughts on “The Blush Pink Bedroom | Featuring Desenio”

  1. This looks like the perfect sanctuary. This shade of pink is my absolute fave and features quite a lot in my home. I have the pompom throw in Grey following a Home Etc win and now I very much want it in pink, it is the best throw ever xx

    • I’m so pleased with it!! I’ve managed to shoe-horn quite a lot of pink in, without it looking too girly. Totally loving the LA throw — those pom-poms are the softest things ever!!

  2. I love the blush pink additions to your bed linen. It all looks so inviting. ?I’ve been looking for a throw like that for a friend too, so pleased to have seen it here, it’ll be perfect for her!

    • I’m so pleased with it Meera! It doesn’t look too girly (which is why I think it’s gone undetected by all the men in our house!!). The throw is SO soft!!! In fact, it keeps being stolen by the smallest members of our clan!!! ;)

  3. Ah it looks SO gorgeous Caro! I would love to pick that room up and pop it in my home. Our bedroom is sadly neglected. But I think my husband would protest at pink, but only because we have blush pink and grey in the lounge and kitchen/diner already! Overkill? I think it would work! xx #HomeEtc

  4. I’m pretty sure that’s my perfect bedroom! It’s so beautiful, grey & blush is my favourite colour combo at the moment :) #HomeEtc

  5. So pretty and beautifully styled Caro! Any excuse to get a bit of pink into our house for me, my husband has given up… #HomeEtc x

  6. I love grey and blush pink together (I have it in my bedroom) and think that subtle accessories are a great way of ‘selling’ pink to a man ;). Love the polka dot bed linen Caro, I’m always on the look out for fresh white bed linen. xx

    • Me too!! And same — I’ve not had any protestations from any of my three boys!!! Only compliments ;)

      I think if I’d have painted the wall, it might be another story though!!!! LOL!! xx


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