A Fishermans Table Lamp

I just wanted to share my new fishermans table lamp from Iconic Lights.

They’ve got a fabulous selection of lighting. Modern, vintage, industrial, plus incredible design led reproductions which, as their name suggests, are utterly iconic.

Our amazing geometric lights in the bedroom are from there.

Adding light to dark rooms is a fine art and the right lighting can make — or break — the ambience of a room. One of our guest bedrooms was certainly lacking a little ambience!

It had no other electric light source apart from the pendant light, which posed a problem for anyone staying overnight. It meant switching the main light off, then stumbling back to bed in the dark.

Never a good thing, particularly when there’s a wooden purlin — spanning the entire width of the room —sitting around 5 foot or so off the floor.

Needless to say, it’s resulted in many bumped heads and much swearing on various occasions.

*Hopefully* this situation will be rectified with the addition of a new light — a lovely new Fisherman’s table-lamp.

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Our New Fishermans Table Lamp

fishermans table lamp from Iconic Lights
An industrial style fisherman’s lamp  in a glossy white enamel.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

It works beautifully with the rest of the room and it’s clever touch-shade technology means that it gives three lovely lighting options.

From a gentle ambient glow to a brighter, clearer light. Perfect for my guests, who fancy a spot of late night reading.

fishermans table lamp from Iconic Lights
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

One of the features I wanted to mention, in particular, is a sweet little glass cover which sits over the top of the lightbulb and gives a really contemporary twist.

In my haste to put this little lamp in it’s new home I *almost* threw it away.

Actually, if the truth be known, had my boy not rescued it, out of the recycling, and said —

‘What’s this little glass bowl for?’

— it most certainly would have been thrown away!

Note to self: remember to unpack all items thoroughly in future! Who knows what I’ve thrown away in the past?! Oops!

fishermans table lamp from Iconic Lights
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Anyway. All is well and the little glass cover was reunited with it’s owner.

Which, hopefully, will mark an end to late night stumbling, banging of brows and subsequent angry outbursts ;)

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42 thoughts on “A Fishermans Table Lamp”

  1. Really gorgeous photographs which show off the beauty of your new light – it’s very lovely. Lucky you rescued the glass bowl! I’m a blogging ambassador for Iconic Lights too and enjoying seeing what everyone has chosen to review – such a variety!

    • Thanks SO much lovely! I know — I cannot believe that the little glass cover nearly ended up in the bin!! Oops!
      So lovely to meet another Iconic ambassador — I’ll pop and have a look at your light when I get chance to! :)

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