The Perfect Fathers Day Gift for a Music Lover

I’ve written about my papercuts every once in a while, over here on the blog, but I often forget to mention when I’ve created a new one.

Until now! 

With father’s day coming up next month, I thought I’d share my latest creation. It’s a hybrid of a genuine cassette tape and a papercut and — in my humble opinion — is the perfect fathers day gift for a music lover.

The Best Fathers Day Gift for a Music Lover!

Unusual gifts for dad can sometimes be tricky to source; although, if your dad has a hobby or interest, it’s much easier!

My dad has always been really into music, so I’ve always found him quite easy to buy for.

Music related books or t-shirts, I always managed to find something for him.

I made the original mixtape artwork for him for Christmas a couple of years ago, but have altered the papercut and label to make it suitable for a fathers day gift for a music lover.



The ‘tape’ isn’t a tape at all, but a handcrafted papercut!

It can say anything you like; it doesn’t have to even be for a music lover, it could even spell out your dad’s favourite football team.

Or his name.

Or even say ‘I Love You’.

The label is also personalised.

It could say ‘Dad’s Mixtape’ or even ‘To Dad lots of love from your favourite daughter’ — whatever you like.

The only restriction is the number of characters.

The retro cassette is such a lovely spin on the old fashioned ‘mix-tape’. They used to be the biggest declaration of love, when I was growing up!  

And, even though you can’t play this tape, the message alone should be enough to show the recipient how much you care!

Plus, the artwork is fully framed and ready to go, so no worries about trying to find a suitable frame.

Rock Music Gifts For The Masses

These personalised mixtape artworks don’t just have to be for fathers day though — I also make a version which would be the perfect gift for music lover boyfriend or girlfriend.


If you’d like to buy a mixtape papercut for the father figure in your life, head over to my shop — they make great gifts for music lovers.


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