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My Dream Garden Office

We were talking about my ‘dream garden office’ the other day and how next year may finally be the year that we make my dreams reality.

I’ve spoken on many occasions about my current work set up.

The fact that I run a design business from home but my office gave way to the boys’ nursery, shortly before they were born, and I’m now working in a slightly nomadic office.

I have a corner of the dining room for one of my iMacs — the other has sadly been relegated to it’s box — the (enormous) printer sits in another corner and boxes (and boxes) of work stuff — cardstock, materials, tools etc — have been shipped out to various locations. My husband’s work being one.

I think it would be fair to say that it’s not ideal.

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My Dream Garden Office

I shared my plans for a garden office back in May. Sad to say, things haven’t moved on at all since then.

dream home office
Still dreaming of a lovely set up like this from Fabric Paper Glue for my perfect garden office

The reality is very much still in the pipeline, although my boy and I have both agreed that, if we don’t make a start soon — and at least lay a concrete base for my dream garden office— then the opportunity will have been missed for this year.

Planning a Small Garden Office

That said, even though it might be a while off, I can still get creative and make plans. Making plans for a small garden office is very exciting!

I created a Pinterest board dedicated to my perfect garden office room – we’re talking colour schemes, decorations, furniture ideas and anything else that I’d love.

Pop over and have a look and let me know if I’ve missed anything!

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  1. Good luck! I hope you win. Thanks for being so patient with me this week. Between the new job and the theme week, #TwinklyTuesday reading got pushed to the last minute!


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