DIY Valentines Chocolate

Valentines – Chocolate

Looking for a simple recipe for DIY Valentines Chocolate? This chocolate bark is so easy to make, looks great and tastes utterly delicious too! Perfect sweets for your sweet. Although Valentines – Chocolate is readily available in the supermarkets at this time of year, giving something that’s been homemade with love is always better than shopbought.

DIY Valentines Chocolate
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The History of Valentines Chocolate

The tradition of giving Valentine’s Day gifts is deeply rooted in the centuries-old celebration of love and affection. While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact origin, the practice of Valentine’s chocolate became popularized in the 19th century.

One key figure who popularized Valentine’s Day gifts, including chocolates, was Richard Cadbury, a British chocolate manufacturer.

In the 1860s, Cadbury introduced the first heart-shaped box for Valentine’s Day. Decorative boxes then became a significant part of the tradition, and people started associating chocolates with romance.

The idea of combining chocolate with Valentine’s Day was not only a marketing strategy but also a reflection of the belief that chocolate has aphrodisiac properties.

Cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate, contains phenylethylamine, a chemical associated with feelings of love and happiness. Not only that, but the sweet and indulgent nature of chocolate makes it a fitting treat for a day dedicated to expressing affection.

Over the years, the association between Valentine’s Day and chocolate has only strengthened, with the confectionery industry capitalizing on the tradition. Today, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, beautifully wrapped chocolates, and various chocolate-themed gifts are popular choices for expressing love on Valentine’s Day.

DIY Valentines - Chocolate
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Recipe for DIY Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark, chocolate slab… you may have seen this kind of DIY chocolate before under various different names. It doesn’t just have to be for Valentines day either!! I’ve made a similar DIY Easter chocolate. Just switch up the jelly hearts for egg shaped sweets.

You don’t have to use special moulds either — you can simply pile up the chocolate on grease proof paper.

Although I love this pack of three silicone candy moulds from Amazon. They were just £5.99 and have been used many times!

They’re perfect for making homemade chocolate bars. And elevate your chocolate bark to something really impressive!

DIY Valentines chocolate
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Homemade Chocolate Slab Recipe for Valentine's Day

Homemade Chocolate Slab Recipe for Valentine's Day

Yield: 3
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 22 minutes

What could be a sweeter gift for your sweetheart than a homemade chocolate slab for Valentine's day? This recipe is so simple and looks (and tastes) just as good as some of the chocolate slab creations that you can buy in expensive high street chocolate shops.


  • 800g of milk chocolate
  • 800g of white chocolate
  • A few drops of red food colouring
  • Sweets and other decorations — I used Haribo hearts, cake sprinkles and Smarties


  1. Melt your chocolate

  2. Pour/spread your melted chocolate into your mould or onto greaseproof paper

  3. Sprinkle some sweets onto the wet chocolate; then leave to cool.

  4. If you're doing more than one colour of chocolate; once your slab is set, repeat the above process with your next batch of chocolate. I melted my white chocolate in two bowls, then added a few drops of red food colouring to one of the bowls, to create pink chocolate.

  5. Pour/spread the melted chocolate onto your cooled, set chocolate, then decorate with sprinkles, sweets or whatever decorations you prefer.

  6. Leave to cool and set then enjoy!

    DIY Valentines - Chocolate
Nutrition Information
Yield 3 Serving Size 1
Amount Per Serving Calories 2968Total Fat 169gSaturated Fat 102gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 53gCholesterol 134mgSodium 512mgCarbohydrates 332gFiber 10gSugar 306gProtein 37g

Calculations was calculated by Nutritionix and is approximate

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