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On Saturday, when I was at BlogCamp in Birmingham, the venue that it was being held at had a feature wall that was covered in wallpaper that could be coloured in!

A couple of the girls I was with commented how this would be great wallpaper for a kid’s room so I thought I’d have a look for it and see what other cool kids wallpaper is on the market at the moment.

Here’s my top 5 round-up.

cool kids wallpaper

1. Magnetic Wallpaper — Sian Zeng
2. Frames Wallpaper — Taylor & Wood
3. Periodic Table Wallpaper — Mr Perswall
4. Colour-In-Wallpaper — Burgerdoodles
5. Quentin’s ABC Wallpaper — Osborne & Little

When I was pregnant with The Twinkles, as we didn’t know the sex of the babies, I opted for something unisex.

I was so happy with how the twin’s nursery turned out  — and I absolutely love the wallpaper that we chose. Roll on a couple of years and their room is still relevant for their age group. It’s not too ‘babyish’ and still looks fresh.

But it’s so exciting thinking about how we’ll decorate when they’re a little bit older! So many cool kids wallpaper options around now — who knows what will be available by the time we get round to it?

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21 thoughts on “110 weeks and 6 days | Cool kids wallpaper”

    • Amazing wasn’t it? I’d probably get a bit anally retentive about the boys colouring out of the lines and want to colour it in all myself!! I absolutely love the Periodic Table paper — I’d like it in my kitchen! :)

  1. I would like the colouring in wallpaper! I really miss that my daughters don’t get colouring books anymore. I have one for when little visitors come to visit but I’ve nearly filled it ha! X

    • Aaah Lisa! You’d absolutely LOVE the adult colouring books I’ve got!! They’re SO beautiful — really intricate — and designed with ‘big kids’ in mind! :) I’ll be writing a post about them in the next week or so and will give you a shout when I’ve posted it, so you can see for yourself! x

      • Ha that’s so funny!I was just in your shop showing my husband your family recipe! Now I will have to order that print because once I was looking at it and then went to Jess’s blog and, she had one and just posted about it. Then I was looking just now when you were answering my comment – ha! Going to order now xxx I have heard of those books but not seen them, I will be very interested in your post xx

  2. I like the idea of this, but it worries me too – what if they go over the lines? what if they move onto other wallpaper? (maybe they do that anyway) – but I think my worries say more about me, than anything else! It’s great to have so much choice in wallpaper now though isn’t it, and it means that no one needs to buy that horrible anaglypta-type stuff! #homecorner

    • Haha! Going over the lines would be inevitable with a little child, I think!! Totally agree though, about moving onto other wallpaper!!! That’s one reason why I wouldn’t be so keen. We’re so lucky these days aren’t we? SO much choice available! x

    • Amazing isn’t it?! I’d LOVE some magnetic paper! It would certainly save having to stick everything onto my fridge!! Could just peg everything to the wall! ;)


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