Colour Your World | #13 Pantone Treetop

It feels like an age — 2 months in fact — since the last Pantone post in this series.

I’d hoped  to have the full series finished by now but the year has been rolling on and life has been so busy, I just haven’t had a chance. We have just 5 colours left in the Pantone spring/summer palette for 2015.

The next in the series is Pantone Treetop.

As it’s name suggests it’s a leafy green — fairly dark in tone — and reminds me of the glossy green leaves in the hot house at Kew Gardens.

As the last post was interiors, I thought it would be nice to concentrate on a bit of fashion and — as we’re off to Camp Bestival in a week’s time — I thought that a little nod to festival fashion might be in order.

The term ‘festival fashion’ is an odd one actually.

It never ceases to amaze me what people wear. Basically you can wear anything — in any combination — and you’ll fit in just fine.

The ‘oddest’ attire I’ve ever seen was at Glastonbury last year.

In amongst all the sequins, denim, clashing patterns and mud — oceans of MUD — we spotted a man, striding towards us, wearing a pristine, beautifully cut grey suit. With wellies — natch — but he hadn’t a speck of mud on him.

It was an eyeopener, that’s for sure.

Whilst I’ve put together this little collection of ‘Pantone Treetop’ inspired festival fashion, I’m really not suggesting that they should all be worn together; I think that *may* be overkill. Although, just to revert back to my original statement, you can absolutely wear whatever you like and no-one would bat an eyelid.

Unless, of course, you wore an immaculate suit. And then someone would be blogging about it a year later…

Quick View of What You'll Find on This Page

Colour Your World in Pantone Treetop


1. Botanical Floral Kaftan — Laura Ashley
2. Floral Garland — Johnny Loves Rosie
3. Green Stripe Bistro Shorts — Boden
4.Green Electric Swingarm Glasses — Sunglasses Shop
5. Waterproof Parka — Zara
6. Star Mela Across Body Bag — ASOS
7. Green Garden Molly Welly — Joules
8. Nano Eyeliner — Sephora

So there we have it. Shades of a woodland glade, vibrant green — with a little hint of colour thrown in for good measure — perfect picks for dancing in a field.

I’ve created a little Pinterest board with some more Treetop inspired pins. Pop and have a look if you get a chance.

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