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Each year, within the palette of colours for Spring/Summer, Pantone appoints it’s number one colour — the one that will filter down, from catwalk to highstreet, and will influence the buyer’s choices for selecting the product we see in the shops. Previous shades have included Tangerine Tango, Mimosa and Radiant Orchid but this year it’s the turn of Pantone Marsala; the Pantone Colour Of The Year 2015!

It’s a gorgeous, rich reddish brown — warm and sultry — that conjures up images of the the red earth of Australia, earthiness and heat. Plus it’s a brilliant neutral to pair with other shades and works well with both cool and warm accent colours, in equal measures.

Considering this shade is being hailed as the colour for 2015, I found it incredibly difficult to pull together a collection from all the UK homeware sites. I’m wondering whether we’ll see more of it appearing as the year rolls on? After all, this rich, russety shade is synonymous with Autumn, rather than Spring.

I’ve cheated slightly by including a couple of copper pieces. That said, it’s not a million miles away from the earthy red tones of Pantone Marsala and looks fantastic in the home — perfect for traditional and contemporary interiors.

Here are my tops picks for spicing up your home with this gorgeous colour:

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Colour Your World in Pantone Marsala


1. Contemporary Copper Side Table — The French Bedroom Company
2. Grace Plate — Donna Wilson
3. Butler Pendant Light — Jim Lawrence
4. Mandala Cushion — OKA
5. Red Varese Rug — Heals
6. Manhattan 12 Piece Dinner Set — Marks & Spencer
7. Smithfield Tan Leather Armchair — Habitat
8. Newgate Pluto Wallclock — John Lewis

And here are a few ideas for colour pairings…

It works beautifully with soft shell pinks or dusky coral and taupe.


Looks amazing when paired with cooler tones like teal or mossy green — this can be seen on the OKA cushion above.


Marsala works well with zingy oranges and hot coral shades…


As well as taking on a totally different feel when paired with chartreuse yellow or bronze.


Whatever your style, The Pantone Colour Of The Year 2015 — Marsala — is so versatile you’ll be sure to find something that suits your interior style.

Keep your eyes open for it — I’ll bet it will be on a high-street near you very soon! ;)

For more Marsala ‘flavoured’ inspiration — pop over and have a look at my Pinterest board.

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    • Thanks so much :) Yes — it’s an odd colour to have as colour of the year isn’t it? It’s much more suited to Autumn and Winter, rather than Spring or Summer! Thanks for your comment x

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