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Bespoke Curtains from Couture Living {AD}

‘This is an unpaid review with Couture Living. Disclosure: I received a pair of bespoke curtains for the purposes of styling this post’

I wrote recently about selecting bespoke curtains to fit our Crittall windows. I’ve only ever bought off-the-peg curtains before, so buying made to measure curtains was new territory for me. I felt quite overwhelmed at the prospect of it.

Thankfully, the process was really, really straightforward.

So much so, I thought I’d share my experiences on here, as it might help someone else.

Introducing Couture Living

I stumbled across Couture Living, earlier this year. They’re an online window-dressing company and made the entire process of choosing made to measure curtains such a breeze. In fact, I’ve had a much trickier time buying curtains to go in the past!

My experience of curtain buying generally goes a little like this:

See curtains in a shop. Buy them (thinking I’m getting a bargain). Get them home then realise they’re too long/short/not wide enough . Spend a fortune getting them professionally adjusted — or spend time and money having to alter them myself, at home. 

The end.

I’ve never had bespoke curtains before and — I must say — the process is so much easier.

Couture Living have a range of made to measure options; from plain curtains to ones with borders. From voiles to custom fit blinds. So, if you’re feeling particularly fancy, you can even have a matching blind/curtain combo.

How does it work?

Simply measure your windows, choose your fabric and let them do the rest.

Their communication is second to none — I’ve  been so impressed with their customer service. Even though I didn’t speak to anyone face to face, it definitely felt like I was getting a very personal service.   

Plus the quality of my bespoke curtains is a billion times better than any ready-made curtains I’ve bought in the past.

Our Bespoke Curtains

Everything from the way the fabric samples were presented — you can order 6 samples for £6 — to the way the curtains came boxed and wrapped in tissue paper .

Everything screams quality and is executed beautifully.

I didn’t even have to use the curtain hooks I’d ordered; as our curtains came complete with hooks ready attached into the curtain header, in exactly the right place. Which was a really lovely surprise and made hanging the curtains so much simpler.

Bespoke Curtains from Couture Living
I love how the curtains came boxed and beautifully wrapped in tissue paper
Bespoke Curtains from Couture Living
The attention to details is second to none. Even the curtain hooks are included.
Bespoke Curtains from Couture Living
The gorgeous fabric is from Clarke and Clarke

I had chosen fabric from Clarke and Clarke; a beautiful painterly velvet, that reminds me of a Monet painting.

It has so many colours in it, that I figured it will go with most colour-schemes. Hopefully giving the curtains longevity and ensuring that I won’t tire of them quickly. 

I could have gone with a neutral, pale fabric but I love how the new curtains echo the shades of the garden and bring the outside in.  

And I also love how they soften the edges of the Crittall windows.

Bespoke Curtains from Couture Living

Ready Made V Made to Measure Curtains

I don’t think I’ve ever fully considered buying made to measure curtains before, purely as I’ve been put off by the notion that the process will be complicated (and time consuming). And the cost will be astronomical.

But, as it turned out, the process was way simpler than buying any ready made option.

Our bespoke curtains fit perfectly and are such beautiful quality.

Granted, the cost is significantly more than the ones you’d buy from a high street store, but the curtains are fully lined, made to measure and look every inch as though they’ve been handcrafted; rather than factory finished.  

To say I’m happy with the end result would be an understatement. I’m a definite convert! 

No more off-the-peg curtains for me. And no more having to lengthen/shorten/widen a shop bought curtain that I’ve bought, simply because I thought it was a bargain.

That old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’ has never been more applicable.

Made to measure Curtains from Couture Living
I love how the curtains reflect the colours in the garden; and bring the outside in.
Bespoke Curtains in Clarke and Clarke fabric from Couture Living
Made to measure Curtains from Couture Living

Although I was gifted these bespoke curtains for the purposes of styling this post, all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

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