Behind The Scenes at The George Home

Disclosure: This is an unpaid post with George Home. We were invited to a birthday party at the George Home but all thoughts and words, as ever, are entirely my own.

Every once in a while, my blog presents an opportunity that makes me really grateful to be part of this lovely industry. And leaves me a little bit spellbound. Recently I was invited along to a very special blogging event. It was to celebrate the launch of the SS16 season for Asda’s George Home range.

Not unusual, you may think. I’ve been lucky enough to go to various events over the last year. I’ve been to press days at Laura Ashley and Matalan;  but this was something a little bit special.

For a start, all three of my boys (big man-shaped boy AND the tiny boys) had been invited along too. This was a massive treat for me. To spend the day with my three most favourite people — midweek — was such a nice change.

And secondly I got to hang out with some of my very favourite bloggers.

We pulled up outside a pretty Edwardian house, in an unassuming North London street, with only the little board on the driveway giving an indication of what was inside.

The George Home


The owners — and their belongings — had shipped out. And every corner of their home had been transformed with George Home product.

Even the contents of the kitchen cupboards. Plus the kettle that was being used to make everyone’s tea.

The house had been totally ‘Georgified’.

Downstairs there was gorgeous design led furniture, accessories, lighting — even the paint on the walls — all by George Home.

George Home 2016
LOOK at the gorgeous light, reflected in the mirror
George Home 2016
The softest soft furnishings

So Who Was There?

Fritha, Jess, Katie and Laura — plus their families — had also been invited along and we got to hang out in lovely surroundings and have a chat, whilst the kids played around us.

There were some fab toys for the littles to have fun with — my boys made a beeline for a little retro kitchen and Bertie spent a lovely half hour ironing (good to know that we’ve produced a couple of mini domestic-gods in the making!).

George Home 2016
Like father like sons… cooking up a storm, in the kitchen, like their daddy.
George Home 2016
Bert getting to grips with the ironing.

Wherever you looked there were gorgeous little touches.

Sweet little accessories, fabulous kitchenware and covetable furniture.

So many surprising things to look at; some that I had no idea that George Home even sells. But the most surprising thing were the prices.

As with everything that George at Asda produces, all of the products were incredible value.

One of my favourite things was the Brooklyn dining set. Oak and white gloss — super-stylish — starting from only £100 for a pair of chairs. Bargain.

More lovely things than you can shake a stick at!

George Home 2016
Love these chairs and the Brooklyn dining table.
George Home 2016
This little recipe box was one of my favourite things that I spotted.

It didn’t end there either.

Upstairs there was a fabulous velvet statement sofa, flanked by lovely lighting.

And beautifully styled bedrooms too.

The house of dreams

George Home 2016
Pretty in pink: perfect for little princesses.
George home spring summer 2016
Girls, boys plus a gorgeous unisex nursery — all kitted out with the most wonderful product.
George Home 2016
Bold brights for little monsters

And it didn’t end there…

Literally everything was by George Home.

And to top it all, there were games and activities for the little ones to do, with the day ending with a birthday cake and candles for Katie’s little girl LL, who was celebrating her 3rd birthday that very day.

George home spring summer 2016
More fun than you can shake a stick at.
King of Craft: Cosmo=
All the littles

All in all, a lovely day out.

I got to spend time with my favourite people in the whole wide world , chat to some lovely bloggers and indulge my passion for gorgeous homeware.

The boys got to eat cake and hang out with their daddy, whilst playing with some cool kids and lots of lovely toys.

Winning all round.

Best of all, I left the lovely George Home house knowing that — very shortly — all of that lovely product would be hitting the shops (and their website) and we’d all be able to fill our own homes with those gorgeous things!

George Home 2016
Tired and happy after a fun day at the George Home house :)

Caro Davies editor of The Listed Home
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Caro Davies is a former art-director turned writer and content-creator, and editor behind UK lifestyle blog The Listed Home. She writes about home-related topics, from interiors and DIY to food and craft. The Listed Home has been featured in various publications, including Ideal Home, Grazia, and Homes & Antiques magazines.

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66 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes at The George Home”

  1. What an absolutely gorgeous day. I can’t belive all of those products are from George. I need to head to the website and have a look properly. Some of those soft furnishings are just beautiful.

  2. Wow, there are so many beautiful things in this house, what an amazing day with some ace bloggers too! What a treat Caro. I absolutely love the bedspread in white and green, and the kids stuff is lovely. Might have to invest in that little pink cushion seat for Flo! So cute xx

  3. Oh Caro I bet you was in your element the house looks gorgeous, and your photos are beautiful. I have spotted a few things that I want for my bedroom, we are doing it in the next few weeks so hope they will out by then. The boys looked adorable and I love Berties face in the group shot he looks so cheeky, glad you had an amazing day x

  4. Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow! I’m in absolute shock and awe. I cannot believe they moved into and styled a whole house!!! What s fabulous idea from those very clever marketing and PR bods. I really want to work for them now! Haha. You must have had the most amazing time in the world. I don’t think I’d have wanted to leave! The products look absolutely amazing. I really wish there was s George st Home store near me to have a good old rifle through all those fabulous looking products! I think you’ll approve of my new kitchen too then, as that’s white gloss and oak too. I’m so pleased you had the most awesome day. The post looks fabulous and I’m just off to buy everything now.. Xxx

    • Aaaah there is SO much product that would suit your lovely new kitchen then!! I wanted ALL of it!!!! And it was such a lovely day. Such a treat to see other bloggers in a smaller, more intimate setting. It was so lovely :)

  5. Oh wow! What a perfect day – every bloggers dream! :-) And some great company too – the products look just great – and what a cool idea to deck out that beautiful house in all-things-George – gosh, I want the job of whoever got to do that. Awesome! I can’t wait to go and have a splurge over on their website now. My Bert already has that little retro kitchen, so cute isn’t it? xxx

  6. Sounds like such a great event Caro, your boys look right and home! What a great idea to do up a house to promote their range! I’ve just bought a few bits for Lucas’ room from George and they are such great value I’m really impressed with the things they have now, especially online. The little recipe holder is so cute, I love little bits and bobs like that. Glad you had such a great time xxx

    • I felt SO chuffed to be asked… particularly as I was spending the day with some big-name bloggers!! It was so lovely to hang out in a much smaller, more intimate setting too. The product looked amazing in a house — I LOVED all the stuff they had in the range!!! xx

  7. SO lovely and what a fantastic opportunity! This is amazing, and what fun too! I love their products and the range – all so stylish but affordable. Great post and what an amazing day xx

  8. What a fabulous idea from Asda – the whole house looks fabulous and it’s lovely to be able to see how things work ‘in real life’. I love the dining chairs, and the chest of drawers that there is a sneak peak of in the boy’s room is just fabulous!

  9. It looks like a fab day. We popped into George at Home a few weeks ago and I was amazed at the lovely ranges they stocked. The cushions and candles were particularly pretty and, they even had the spatulas I was looking for, it was great xx

  10. I am so surprised at all the items that are available. That sofa is my personal favourite…can’t beat a bit of velvet. I love the picture of them outside the door and I think that it is SUCH a good idea for George to come up with! Brilliant! xx

  11. What a cool way to present the range! I love that little recipe box too – I can never resist pretty storage, even if I have nothing to put in it. (It won’t last long, clutter grows to fill these things!) I haven’t been to Asda in ages, I really need to go check it out. x #homeetc

  12. They did an amazing job, everything looked beautiful, funnily last week I picked up their SS16 catalogue and they have some truly beautiful items in, I was won over by the dining set you have pictured for our new home xx

  13. When can I move in??? This is beautiful!! Can you get their designers come round and give my home a George makeover please??? That would be FABULOUS!! xxx

  14. What a great idea to take over a home and showcase all the accessories, and what a gorgeous home it is too! Fab day out :-) I’ve really enjoyed seeing what they’ve got in their home range, as we don’t have an Asda near us so i’m really quite unaware about what they have available home-wise- thanks for sharing! x

  15. I’m gonna surprise you here, I’m not too surprised at this. I think the George range is something Asda does really well. How great to take the whole family! I’m particularly taken by the velevet statement sofa. Thanks for hosting #HomeEtc

  16. The entire house looks wonderful. I adore the dusky pink paint on the lounge wall. I went into Asda yesterday and fell in love with lots of the new range, there is a cushion with a bunny on it that I NEED but we have to decorate the lounge before we buy any new furnishings. Boo! Still, I know where to go when we are ready :-)

  17. Such a gorgeous house! And with a real “family feel” as well. I feel like my local Asda George mustn’t have the same stylists as this home because it sadly always looks a little cheap on the shelves. I guess seeing everything in a real setting can work wonders!

    • The house was SO gorgeous. Made a lovely change to see product in situ, rather than in a shop or an exhibition space too. I agree that having it in it’s rightful setting can work wonders! The quality was fabulous :)

  18. Caro!!! It looks awesome!!! Having been quite dismissive of George in the past, I’m a huge convert. I love their home accessories and they’re the most amazing value for money. Love the boys in their little tank tops, too. Future heartbreakers, for sure!!

    • It was AWESOME!! There was so many lovely things — and the prices were amazing. There’s no excuse not to have a lovely home these days, is there? Not when you can pick up so much gorgeous, cheap stuff from your local supermarket! ;)

  19. Oooh all of that looks fab, I will be searching their website for the boys new bedroom that we are working on. Sounds like you all had a fab day, and how cute are your boys, they are lovely. x

  20. Wow, what an amazing opportunity and what a gorgeous house! I just love all the little details and they all look gorgeous.
    Asda is not a place I’d think about when I need home stuff but I will now go and have a look at their website

    • Oh Elena — The George Home range is really, really excellent! It was so lovely to see it in such a lovely setting too — really made a change from seeing product in a studio space or shop floor! :)

  21. What a fab way to host an event – sounds like you had a fab time. But I think your boy may need some ironing lessons before it gets to the real thing or he’ll have a slightly singed hand :) Plenty of time to learn (and practice) though. Fab items too, wouldn’t you just love to move in? :) x

    • It’s awesome isn’t it? I love how accessible lovely homeware is these days. It used to be confined to swanky homes-stores but it’s fab that you can pick up amazing design-led product doing your weekly shop!!! Brilliant :)


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