90 Popular Names For Homes

Why Do We Give Our Homes Names?

I remember when we bought the house we’re in now, I was so pleased that it had a name rather than just a street number. But why do we give our homes names? Why do some houses bear a name, rather than just a simple number? In this post, we look at the most popular names for homes and give a few explanations on why people give names to their homes.

There are several reasons why some homes have names.

History and Tradition

Giving a house a name is a practice that dates back centuries and is rooted in various cultural, historical, not to mention, personal reasons. The practice of naming homes originated with the wealthy and the powerful. They used names to distinguish their grand estates.

Think Buckingham Palace and Hampton Court, to name a couple.

Over time, the custom trickled down to regular folk, and became a way to personalise their living spaces.


Before the widespread use of street addresses, standardised numbering systems and postcodes, house names were often used for identification and navigation; particularly in rural areas.

A name can distinguish one property from another and helps to identify and reference a building in conversation or written communication. Particularly when giving directions.

Identity and Individuality

A name can add a touch of personality and charm to a house, making it stand out from the generic street addresses.

Plus, it can allow homeowners to express their tastes, interests, and creativity through their chosen name.

Emotional Connection

Choosing a name based on memories, experiences, or personal significance can strengthen the emotional bond with your home. It can become a part of a family’s history and be passed down through generations.

Just as we name pets or boats, naming a home can create a stronger emotional connection to the place where we live.

A Sense of Place

Names for homes also stem from the surroundings or characteristics.

For example, a cottage nestled in the woods might be named ‘Forest Haven,’ or a beachfront property could be called ‘Seaside Retreat.’ The name can evoke the ambience or setting of the home.

Marketing and Branding

In some cases, new builds are given names as part of marketing or branding efforts, especially for luxury properties or seaside destinations.

An appealing name can enhance a property’s marketability and attractiveness to potential buyers or renters.

Overall, giving names to homes serves both practical and emotional purposes, adding a layer of significance and personal connection to the place where people live.

90 Popular Names For Homes

The most popular names for homes will, of course, be different depending on where in the world you are. For example, in New York, you’d probably find houses with ‘Browntones’ in the name. Whereas, in the UK you’d find the word ‘Regency’ — Regency Place, Recency Terrace etc.

House names which combine a word from nature — meadow, rose, willow, brook etc — combined with the word ‘House’, ‘Cottage’, ‘View’ and ‘Row’ will always be eternally popular.

We’ve gathered together 90 of the most popular names for homes, in villages, towns and by the sea.

30 seaside names for homes.
30 seaside-inspired names for homes | Image credit: Historic UK.

Seaside Names for Homes

  1. Sea Breeze Retreat
  2. Coastal Haven
  3. Ocean View
  4. Shore Cottage
  5. Seagull’s Nest
  6. The Sanctuary
  7. Driftwood Hideaway
  8. Tide’s End Terrace
  9. Beachcombers
  10. Driftwood Haven
  11. Saltwater Villa
  12. Wavecrest Cottage
  13. Shell Seeker’s Haven
  14. The Cliffs
  15. The Lighthouse
  16. Mariner’s Manor
  17. Nautical Nook
  18. Seashell Cottage
  19. Mermaid’s Cove
  20. Seabreeze Villa
  21. Sandpiper’s Perch
  22. Aqua Haven
  23. Coastal Cottage
  24. Seaside Sanctuary
  25. Neptune’s Nest
  26. Seaworthy Retreat
  27. Sailors’ Rest
  28. Admiral’s
  29. Beachfront Haven
  30. Fisherman’s Cottage
30 names for village homes.
30 names for village homes | Image credit: Fine and Country.

Names for Village Homes

  1. Rose Cottage
  2. The Old Forge
  3. Ivy House
  4. Oak View Cottage
  5. The Nook
  6. Willow Cottage
  7. Gamekeeper’s Cottage
  8. The Barn
  9. Bluebell Cottage
  10. Primrose Cottage
  11. The Millhouse
  12. Lavender Lane Cottage
  13. Meadowbrook Cottage
  14. The Old Schoolhouse
  15. Orchard Cottage
  16. Cedar Cottage
  17. The Old Bakery
  18. Wisteria Cottage
  19. The Old Granary
  20. The Coachhouse
  21. Buttercup Cottage
  22. Meadowview Cottage
  23. The Stables
  24. Foxglove Cottage
  25. Sunflower Cottage
  26. The Old Rectory
  27. Smithy Cottage
  28. Sycamore Cottage
  29. Cherry Tree Farm
  30. The Parsonage
30 Popular Names For Homes in Towns
  1. The Loft
  2. The Old Forge
  3. The Cobblestones
  4. Mews Cottage
  5. Terrace View
  6. Windsor House
  7. The Square
  8. Old House
  9. Skyline Apartment
  10. The Villa
  11. Grove House
  12. Thameside
  13. The Lanes
  14. Old Court House
  15. Sandstone Place
  16. The Old Gallery
  17. School Row Cottage
  18. Fairview
  19. Park Lane
  20. Green Gables
  21. The End House
  22. Sunnyside
  23. White House
  24. Park View
  25. Mulberry Lodge
  26. Hardwick House
  27. The Old Police Station
  28. Rose Villa
  29. Chamber Apartments
  30. The Old Fire House
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