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Our Cool Caravans Are in Print!

I’m so excited — our cool caravans are in print!

Dolly 1 and Dolly Too (that isn’t a spelling error, by the way, she is Dolly ‘also’) have been featured in the September 2017 issue of Reloved magazine!

SO amazing to see our two little caravans immortalised in print. I was expecting a little mention but incredibly there’s a 4 page article on the two Dollys!

Our Cool Caravans in Print!

Issue 46 of Reloved magazine featuring our very own Dolly!
My top tips for transforming your caravan
Our caravan makeover in Reloved magazine!
So lovely to see our cool caravans immortalised in print!
Our cool caravan Dolly 1
Dolly 1 — our first love!

It makes me feel so proud to see them in the pages of a magazine.

But even prouder to receive so many lovely messages from people, to say that our caravan makeovers have inspired them to do the same with their own vans.

From Stigma to Sought After

There used to be such a stigma surrounding touring caravans.

And they have certainly always been regarded as the poor relation when it comes to VW campers, that’s for sure. Campervans have an air of cool about them whereas caravans have always been seen to be a little bit dowdy and —dare-I-say-it — embarrassing.

Not any more though.

People are swiftly realising that campervans and motorhomes are costly to run; you have to pay road-tax, insurance, MOT.

Plus there’s the inconvenience of getting to your destination and setting up — only to have to put everything away again if you want to pop to the shops.

Caravans are trailers.

So there’s no road-tax and you don’t have to pay for motor insurance.

Plus once you’ve got to where you want to be, you can simply unhook your car and drive away without disturbing your camp.

Plus caravanning is totally moving with the times. Gone are the boring little white boxes, with a sea of wooden veneer inside. These days — as we’ve done with both our caravans — you can paint and decorate the interior (and exterior) to suit you.

From laughing stock to cool kid on the block — caravans are moving up in the world!

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12 thoughts on “Our Cool Caravans Are in Print!”

  1. I LOVE your gorgeous caravans, you are literally the queen of camping!! It’s so great that you can motivate and inspire others to do the same, sometimes it’s such an overwhelming project that you don’t know where to start. So gorgeous X #HomeEtc

    • Thanks chickie!! It’s so weird — I always HATED caravans!!! LOL!!! As soon as I realised that they were just another room to decorate, they took on a whole new meaning for me!! I love them :) xx

  2. I’ve just stumbled across your blog, while mumbling that I didn’t want a boring brown caravan! Problem solved, thank you for all your inspiration and beautiful work :)


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