Updating a Room with a Radiator Cover

Have you ever considered updating a room with a radiator cover?

I’ve spoken about our ensuite bathroom before and how I was desperate to give it a makeover.

Although it’s a nice sized room — with a lovely, old cast iron, roll-top bath — it was fairly bland; and uninspiring, to say the least.

It certainly wouldn’t be winning any prizes for the most attractive bathroom award, that’s for sure.

The base of the bath looked like it hadn’t been painted for years (and probably hadn’t, to be fair) and the sad old carpet has seen better days too.

The ensuite before it’s mini bathroom makeover!

As ever, time and money (or lack of it) have got in the way and the bathroom has remained untouched — and pretty low-down on the ‘to-do’ list.

I was in the bath a few weeks ago, thinking how lovely it would be to have a shelf at hand — to have candles and somewhere to put the shampoo — but due to the fact there is a radiator running alongside the bath, it didn’t seem very feasible.

Lying there in the bubbles, mulling over what we could do to improve it, I had a little brain- wave and decided a radiator cover would be the perfect solution!

I looked online for how to make a radiator cover; but as there are plenty of radiator cover kits to buy, this seemed like the easiest/quickest solution.

Updating a Room with a Radiator Cover

We popped to our local Homebase, where they’ve got a fab selection of stylish radiator covers.

They’re available in all kinds of sizes and styles plus various finishes too, including wooden, pre-painted or unfinished MDF.

We decided on a Richmond radiator cover and bought a couple of tins of eggshell paint too; one for the cover and another to paint the base of the bath.

The cabinet was really simple to put together — no power tools required — it comes in flatpack form and you just need to screw all of the bits together.

Radiator covers DIY
Radiator covers DIY! The radiator cabinets are so easy to put together.
Updating a Room with a Radiator Cover — MDF radiator covers before painting
MDF radiator covers before painting
Mini bathroom makeover — even the unfinished MDF looked better than the original radiator!

Radiator Cover Decorating Ideas

Even in its unfinished state, it made the room look a million times better.

But once the radiator cover had been painted — and the base of the bath also given a fresh coat of paint — it looked like a different room!

The addition of the radiator cabinet has literally transformed the space; no longer old fashioned and sad looking, it’s given it a really smart finish plus we’ve now got a place for candles and other items.

And painting the base of the bath has literally given it a new lease of life.

Funnily enough, I chose a shade called Calamine by Farrow and Ball which is incredibly similar to Pantone’s ‘colour of the year’ for 2016.

Blush pink roll top bath and decorative radiator covers
Pretty in pink — the bath looks so much better :)
The radiator cabinet also doubles up as a useful shelf.
stylish radiator covers in a traditional bathroom
Mini bathroom makeover complete!

These two little changes have made such a difference to the look and feel of the ensuite.

Adding a radiator cabinet is a fairly inexpensive way to really smarten up a room. To be honest, unless it’s a lovely traditional design — or a cutting edge, modern style radiator — they’re not particularly attractive are they?!

By installing cabinets, to cover them up, not only do you streamline your space but you also get a little extra shelving, which is a huge bonus.

I am thrilled with it! I’m thinking of adding some panelling to the wall next.

Watch this space.

Decorative radiator covers in a bathroom
Stylish radiator covers really do transform a space

There are so many decorative radiator covers available. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional style or modern radiator covers; you’ll be sure to find one to suit your decor.

Caro Davies editor of The Listed Home
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Caro Davies is a former art-director turned writer and content-creator, and editor behind UK lifestyle blog The Listed Home. She writes about home-related topics, from interiors and DIY to food and craft. The Listed Home has been featured in various publications, including Ideal Home, Grazia, and Homes & Antiques magazines.

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53 thoughts on “Updating a Room with a Radiator Cover”

  1. We’re in desperate need to redo our bathroom! Like what you are doing here! It should be a sanctuary :) it looks like it is coming along nicely! Merry Christmas and we’ll speak in the new year xx

    • I’m so pleased with it :) It still needs new floor and the walls need a coat of paint — I’d love to panel them first too — but we just can’t afford to spend the time or money on it at the mo. The kitchen’s first on the list!! :)

    • Totally!! It looked so cold before — I’ve always really disliked it but we’ve just not had the money to do anything with it. The radiator cover has totally transformed the room — delighted with it now :)

  2. Only a mini makeover — but long overdue. Amazing what a difference a lick of paint and a radiator cover can make isn’t it? I’d like to redo the whole room — flooring included but the kitchen is first on the list!! The ensuite can wait — this will do for now :)

  3. Do you know I think I need to add radiator covers in our lounge, I hate the way the radiators look. We have lovely vintage radiators in the kitchen so the hall and lounge radiators to me look so dull. I so love the difference yours have made Caro. I think I need to send Chris on a radiator cover mission. When I take photos I am constantly trying to avoid the radiators, this is the perfect solution x

    • We have them in the sitting room but I’d like them in the dining room as I totally hate the way they look too. Lucky you having gorgeous vintage ones — I’d love those in the whole house!! Radiator covers will have to do though ;)

  4. I really love the radiator covers – I have a thing about covers as my mother always made sure hers where beautifully covered as to be honest they are not the most attractive necessity in the home. Makes such an amazing difference to your bathroom and how stunning is the roll top? Love it

    Laura x

    • Aah thanks pet — it’s definitely getting there! The floor could do with ripping up and replacing but we need to do the kitchen first. Houses are money pits aren’t they?! Especially old ones like this!! xx

  5. What a difference! Love that you can have candles by the bath now – which by the way is stunning! Fab post and great mini-makeover x #HomeEtc

  6. I love radiator covers! They are a great way of making a room look more finished. We are slowly adding them to every room in our house. I have found spray painting them is a really super quick way to paint them and gives a super smooth, super durable finish! Your bath is gorgeous. I would love one, but don’t think our bathroom is big enough xxx

    • Ah me too Kerry! I sprayed the one in our snug funnily enough — but the weather has been too wet for spraying outside recently so I painted this bathroom one! Love them — they make SUCH a difference don’t they?

  7. It’s amazing how a few little things can change a room so much! It looks beautiful and I love that you have choosen that pink, it works great.

  8. That radiator cover is a great idea, really improves the bathroom no end! (and that bath is the business too!). You’ve given me an idea of getting a cover for the ugly radiator in our hallway- hopping over to homebase to check out their covers now to see if there’s one in the right size! x

  9. I love radiator covers and agree completely that they can totally transform a room. They enable you to display your pretty things and cover up something ugly – win win! Your ensuite looks very elegant now, what a lovely spot for a good soak! Happy new year!! #TwinklyTuesday

  10. Such a wonderful makeover! It’s funny how often inspiration strikes when in the bath, well it does for me anyway. You’ve done a lovely job, the choice of Calamine for the bath is just perfect. You can given me an idea too, as all the radiators in my flat are in funny positions, wasting space where I could put furniture – at least with a radiator cover I could use the shelf. Homebase here I come! #HomeEtc

  11. You are a genius! Not only is it a lovely change to the bathroom but you’ve just solved my hallway problem. We need a shelf but don’t have the space or wall location for it but a radiator cover would be perfect and like you, we have a mirror that it could sit below which always makes for a nice feel. Thanks, Caro!!

    • They’re a fab solution aren’t they? Especially for little spaces — in a hallway they almost work like a console table. The depth of the shelf is pretty substantial — and they look SO much better than a boring old radiator!

  12. Who knew it would make so much difference?! I just love this linky so much because there are such brilliant ideas with so don’t need to break the bank. This looks gorgeous and a proper tranquil haven to relax away from it all Xx

  13. What a lovely rolltop bath Caro! You totally need somewhere to put your shampoo, candles – and glass of wine! The radiator cover is a lovely idea, a simple and pretty solution. Radiators are kind of unattractive though important, and the shelf the covers give make them doubly functional. Fab! xxx

  14. Ooooh what a pretty transformation and yet so simple! We added some radiator covers into our hallway and wow they changed the space! Looking like a great place to soak and relax :) Thanks for being a superb co-host and heres to 2016!!! xx

  15. Ooh that looks so inviting! Isn’t it great when you can make such a difference without it taking up too much time and money! I’m not generally a pink lover, but I adore the shade you used for the bath – looks perfect. #HomeEtc

  16. what a transformation, looks great now. I always think my best ideas come from when I’m in the bath, or when I’m asleep (and then I struggle to remember them!) Thanks for hosting lovely xx

  17. That is a great idea to get a radiator cover, just to get that extra shelf space – genius! I love the colour of the bath now, a lovely shade. S xx


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