The Dinky Duvalay | A caravan must have for kids

Disclosure: We were sent two Dinky Duvalay sets for the twins, for the purposes of this review. All photos, thoughts and words — as ever — are entirely my own.

It’s that time of year folks! Spring is finally here which means it’s time to dust Dolly down and get her out of her winter hiding place. Hurrah — adventure awaits.

I think we can safely say that I love my caravan; and since we bought our first van —  Dolly 1 — I’m always on the look out for a clever gadget or caravan accessory.

Last year I found the number one essential item — the Duvalay — literally the best thing I’ve ever come across for camping in a caravan. I wrote a whole post about it; singing it’s praises.

Then at the end of last year Duvalay launched a mini version for kids; ‘The Dinky Duvalay‘.

It sounds a bit over the top but this simple bit of kit has literally revolutionised our lives.

Introducing The Dinky Duvalay

Just like the original Duvalay, it’s Dinky counterpart is essentially a posh sleeping bag.

It comprises of a memory foam mattress, bottom sheet and duvet combined; but unlike it’s plainer big brother, the Dinky Duvalay comes in a bright, unisex animal-print.

It provides a comfy, portable layer, that you place on top of a caravan bed to give the best night’s sleep.

And neatly rolls up in it’s own bag.

Dinky Duvalay
One bed in a bag — ready to go
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Dinky Duvalay
The Dinky Duvalay
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Dinky Duvalay
Pop them on top of the caravan bed for a comfy night’s sleep
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Dinky Duvalay
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Dinky Duvalay
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

The Dinky Duvalay In Action

Since we traded Dolly in for a bigger version a couple of summers ago for Dolly 2 ( here’s what she looked like when we first bought her ** SPOILER ALERT** It’s scary!!) the boys now have bunk beds.

I was a little bit anxious about this at first as they didn’t have any kind of barrier; which was a real worry.

So to combat this, we constructed a wooden frame to go around the beds; to prevent the twins falling out.

But not only that, the Dinky Duvalay also give another level of protection to keep them safe in their beds.

If we make sure the duvet opening is facing the wall, the clever Duvalays provide a secondary barrier. It’s almost like popping the boys in a cosy pocket.

The top cover won’t slip off, unlike a regular duvet, as it’s stitched to the bottom sheet; keeping them safe and secure in their bunks.

The whole thing is genius.

If you own a caravan — and have a kid — you need one.

Dinky Duvalay
Dolly — our home from home
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Dinky Duvalay
The boys bunks
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Those eyelashes x
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Dinky Duvalay
Cosy corner
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Dinky Duvalay
The boys in their bunks
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Much More Than a Caravan Accessory

But actually, these clever little sleeping bags are much, much more than just a caravan accessory. If you don’t have a caravan — but have a kid — you still need one.

When I say they’ve revolutionised our lives, I don’t just mean when we’re camping.

Although that would also be true.

Caravanning aside, they helped the boys’ transition from cots to big-boy beds.

Because the Dinky Duvalays work so well at holding little bodies firmly in bed, they were amazingly useful when we first took the bars off the twins’ cots.

The perfect way of keeping them safely tucked up in bed — without the need for side-bars.

But best of all — and this is where they’ve really come into their own — if we’re travelling in the UK, the Dinky Duvalays literally get taken everywhere. They are now our ‘must-have’ travel accessory.

The Perfect Travelling Companion

We used to use the GLTC Bed-In-A-Bags but these are now used for extra beds and sleepovers at home. Although I still think they’re a fabulous product, my main gripe when travelling with them was that they’re pretty big.

In contrast, the Dinky Duvalays are smaller and lighter than the Bed In A Bags, plus we don’t need to take separate bedding as it’s all integral.

They make life SO easy.

Just unroll them and pop them on the floor and the boys have a comfy and familiar bed wherever we go; family or friends’ houses, hotel rooms and holiday houses.

We even took them to Center Parcs and on our trip to Cornwall. And although there were twin beds for the boys, in both of those places, they were much higher than the toddler beds that Bertie and Cosmo are used to; so they were much happier on the floor in their Duvalays.

Dinky Duvalay
Asleep? I don’t think so!
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Dinky Duvalay
Cosmo’s best mate — Doglee
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Dinky Duvalay
Sleepy angel
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

All in all, the Dinky Duvalay is a winner. Definitely more than just a caravan accessory, this simple product means that the boys have a comfy and familiar bed when we’re away from home.

If there’s no spare room — or spare bed for them — we just roll them out on the floor and we’re all set.

No faffing about with duvets and bedding. We pack their pillows and favourite cuddly toys in the Duvalay bag and we’re good to go. They’re the perfect travel bed for kids; light portable and comfy.

A massive thumbs up from us — we love them.

Not so sleepy angel!
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Thanks so much to the lovely folk at Duvalay for letting us try out the Dinky Duvalay and transforming our camping adventures! They are — without question — some of our favourite and most used items of all time.

Have a look at their website for more products and information.

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  1. Oh wow I love your caravan! And these look fabulous too – anything to make the experience more comfortable and stylish is a win. They seem very practical too and would be great even for sleepovers. #HomeEtc

    • Aaah thanks Sian!! I used to hate caravans but I’m a convert since we had the first Dolly!! The Duvalays are amazing — and, to be honest, we’ve used the kids ones more for going away to people’s houses for the weekend than we actually have for camping!! They come with us everywhere — literally the best kids travel bed there is!! :)

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