Storage Ideas For My Garden Office

I’ve been thinking of storage ideas for my garden office.

My imaginary garden office.

I’ve mentioned it time and time again on my blog. I’ve even dedicated a Pinterest board to it. But THIS YEAR it’s finally happening!

This is the year my garden office goes from being imaginary to real! Weeeeeeeee! *claps hands in excitement*

It’s currently sitting in the garden — in pieces — waiting for my boy (and a willing helper) to put it together. The base has been built in readiness and (fingers crossed) this weekend it will be constructed.

Whilst I can’t really get too excited about the interior until it’s built, and has been boarded out, I’ve been making plans and trying to work out how best to store — and display — everything that’s going to have to live in there.

The space is good — the building will measure 16′ x 10′ — and there will be a bank of windows down the right hand side.

I plan to have low built in storage built the full length of the workroom, which will store my magazines and books. This is the pic that holds my gaze the longest, on the Pinterest board, so I’m hoping it will look a lot like it.

I’m hoping to have shelving similar to this in my garden office | Image Source
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Quirky Storage Ideas for my new garden office

But as well as a wall of fabulous shelving, I’d like some other storage solutions to give my new work-space a little bit of personality.

Jam jars filled with colourful stationery items, a plans-chest for all of my card-stock, plus various boxes and baskets for all the other bits of work paraphernalia, that seems to constantly clutter up our dining room (where it currently resides).

This is the kind of thing I’m thinking of…

Quirky storage solutions for my new garden office — all HomeSense
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

More Storage Ideas

1 — Glass Jars
Perfect for little items; paperclips, rubber-bands, washi tape etc.

2 — File Boxes
Great for storing my invoices.

3 — Pigeon-Hole Storage Cabinet
I can see my little pots of coloured inks could sit quite happily in here :)

4 — Wire Baskets
Take your pick with this one, It has a multitude of uses! Would look good in the bathroom — filled with loo rolls — or equally at home in my new office, stacked with magazines ;)

5 — Colourful Storage Boxes
To stop my lovely new shelves looking too cluttered, I plan on having lots of these storage boxes at hand. Perfect for all those office essentials that you don’t want out on display.

6 — Plans Chest
Aah I have hankered after one of these for years. I’d absolutely LOVE a plans chest! The perfect storage solution for paper, card and artwork that needs to be kept clean and pristine.

7 — Pen Pot
I seem to have the world’s pen population living in, on and around my desk! Note to self: a lovely pen pot is a must for a tidy office.

8 — Fabric Baskets
I have lots of these in the house that are filled with the boys’ toys; so practical and useful. I plan on having lots more in my new office, filled with my sewing and crafty bits and pieces.

I’m so looking forward to finally having a home for all of my work-stuff again. Everything in one room, with a dedicated place of it’s own. These little storage solutions will be a brilliant way of keeping everything tidy and looking good*.

*I just need to actually learn to start putting things away after I’ve used them ;)

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  1. Exciting! Is it just going to be a summer work space – or are you planning on doing the full works and getting proper heating in there too? I dream of our own office too – currently we have a crappy extension I want to rip down and rebuild… It is just used as a work shed at the moment until I get a better paying job ha ha!

    • SO exciting! It’s going to be boarded out and fully insulated with power and light — but it won’t have central heating. There’s no point going to the expense of getting a boiler for it, and doing the pipework, but I’ve chosen a lovely electric heater that will keep me toasty and warm through the winter months :)

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