Seasonal Skincare featuring Green People

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Autumn. The leaves are changing colour and falling.

There’s a nip in the air.

The transition from light, summery clothes to heavy knits and boots.

And dry skin caused by central heating.

Yep. The changing seasons play havoc with my skin.

Seasonal skincare certainly wasn’t on my radar when I was younger (nor eye-cream for that matter either); but as I get older I definitely feel the need to up the ante, at this time of year, to give my skin an extra boost.

Seasonal Skincare Featuring Green People

I spoke recently about a range of products I’d been using throughout the summer but, to mix it up a little, I’ve been alternating them with some gorgeous organic skincare products from Green People.

Seasonal skincare using Green People products
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

When I first stumbled accross Green People products, the brand was celebrating their 20th anniversary. A feat for any business given the economic climate over the past few years —  but particularly one that began life from such humble origins.

Charlotte Vøhtz’s mission to create a truly organic skin care brand originally started in 1994, when she was unable to find natural products for her small daughter’s sensitive skin.

She discovered that many so-called ‘natural’ skin care brands used almost entirely synthetic ingredients.

And, crazily,  you only need to have less than 1% natural or organic ingredients in the formulation to call it ‘natural’.

Over twenty years on, Green People is an established business with a loyal following.  And each and every one of their products contain — not just 1% but — over 90% active, natural and organic ingredients.

Here are a few I’ve been using recently.

Age Defy + Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator

Seasonal skincare using Green People products | Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Seasonal skincare using Green People products | Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

Not something I would use on a daily basis — or even weekly — but certainly twice a month.

I always feel that my complexion can look a little bit grey at this time of year, so this is a great addition to my seasonal skincare routine.

It has a lovely fresh scent — quite citrusy — and a silky texture, with tiny little grains that gently exfoliate. The Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator is a great way of sloughing off dead skin and it gives my skin a fresh, clean glow.

After this, I follow up with Green People Age Defy + Hydrate.

Age Defy + Hydrate & Renew Serum

Seasonal skincare using Green People products | Hydrate and renew serum
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

The Green People Hydrate & Renew Serum is lovely.

It smells wonderful and feels so silky to the touch. I’ve been using this morning and evening, under their 24 hour brightening moisturiser.

No idea if you’re supposed to — but it works well for me to combine it with other products!

It’s supposed to increases firmness and elasticity — although I’m not wholly convinced it does. What I can say (with some conviction) is that it feels as though it really does hydrate the skin and is really good, particularly after you’ve used the exfoliator.

If you could bottle the smell of a luxury spa, this is it.

It’s divine.

Age Defy + 24 Hour Brightening

Seasonal skincare using Green People products | 24 hour brightening moisturiser
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

This is the moisturiser that I team with the serum.

It’s light and — similar to the Hydrate & Renew — it smells gorgeous.  You don’t need very much of it either. It sinks into the skin and works well under makeup.

As it’s name would suggest, the Age Defy + 24 Hour Brightening moisturiser is supposed to brighten the skin and clinically proven to reduce age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

I’ve not been using it for long enough to substantiate these claims — but what I can say is that it makes my skin feel soft and smooth. And that’s good enough for me.

Seasonal Haircare from Green People

It’s not just my skin that suffers when the seasons change; my hair always shows the effects too.

Central heating, cold damp weather and hats wreak chaos with my barnet.

I spoke about my mission to find a decent shampoo that doesn’t contain SLS, back in August of 2015.

After trying LOADS of different brands, I finally found a brilliant range. But, almost as soon as I did, they went out of business! Since then I’ve been using a combination of Faith In Nature and this one from Green People.

Daily Aloe Shampoo

Seasonal skincare using Green People products | Daily Aloe Shampoo without SLS
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
Seasonal skincare using Green People products | Daily Aloe Shampoo without SLS
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

For those of you that don’t know about sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, this is one nasty that we can all do without in our beauty regime.

It’ s a detergent that’s used in garages, up and down the country, to clean grease and oil off the floors.

YUK. Definitely not something you’d want to put on your skin or hair.

It’s foaming properties totally strip hair of it’s natural oils. But shampoo that doesn’t contain it, tends not to foam as much — if at all —and people feel that their hair isn’t as clean. Which is probably true to a degree, as the hair isn’t being ravaged of every bit of oil it contains.

Granted, it certainly take some getting used to initially, but I wouldn’t go back. My hair feels much, much healthier as a result

The Daily Aloe shampoo from Green People is really gentle (which means I can use it on the boys too) and a bottle lasts a LONG time!

So the hefty price tag (£16 for 200ml) is equalled out by the fact that it lasts around three times as long as regular shampoo.

So that’s it.

My seasonal skincare and haircare regime, in a (green and organic) nutshell.

Seasonal skincare using Green People products
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

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  1. Seasonal skincare is such a great idea. I’m never quite sure what to use on my skin because it’s kinda oily, but gets quite tight in winter. Can’t seem to find the right balance with anything I use, though I am pretty bad and only use cheap products. I like the sound of the aloe shampootoo! I started colouring my hair last year and it has completely wrecked my hair. But tried using a henna bar from Lush over the weekend and finally have some shine back! I’m definitely going to look into using some more natural products, they really do work xxx ps. didn’t mean for this comment to turn into such an essay!! lol. xx

    • HA! I love an essay!! ;) And yes — same!! I have combination skin. But am quite naughty and don’t use cheap products anymore. I spend far too much on skincare these days!! Using shampoos with no SLS has totally sorted my hair — it takes a while to get used to but I’ve been using it for 3 years now and wouldn’t go back to regular shampoo that contains sulphates. You’re right, they totally do work!!! xx

  2. Same!! I can’t


    how quickly my skin goes downhill once the wether changes — its crazy. And then again, when the central heating comes on. YUK. I think drinking loads of water helps too, but DEFINITELY changing my routine makes a difference xx

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