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Energy & puddle-jumping {Kidunk review}

‘This is an unpaid review with Kidunk Clothing. Disclosure: I received two outfits for the twins in order to give an unbiased Kidunk review

Energy is a weird thing isn’t it? Too little of it has me feeling listless and unenthusiastic. Too much has me feeling antsy and climbing the walls.

The boys seem to have just the right amount.

Like a pair of little Duracell bunnies, their seemingly boundless energy keeps them going from sun up to sun down.

Never without full enthusiasm — and never bored.


Maybe that’s something that comes with age. The balance of energy definitely seems to shift as we get older.

But, for now, their energy is something to be applauded — and harnessed.

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Living Life To The Full

I want them to be able to embrace all that being little has to offer. All the mud, the water, glitter and paint.

I want them to grab the very fabric of life, with both hands.

But, to do this, they need to be suitably attired.

Waterproof clothing can get so hot. The boys sweat like a couple of little boil-in-the-bag chickens every time they’ve gone for an adventure in their splash suits.

But over the summer we discovered THE most amazing play clothing; perfect for the boys to wear when they’re off on their adventures.

Twins in Kidunk Clothing
Kidunk Clothing is perfect for outdoor play
Kidunk Clothing is perfect for play in the great outdoors
Kidunk clothing is great for active outdoor kids
Twins in Kidunk Clothing

Our Kidunk review

Kidunk is the brainchild Tina and Phill and Lisa. Between them, they’ve a wealth of knowledge; 30 years of preschool experience and 20 years of design expertise.

They’d spotted a real gap in the market for childrens’ play-wear.

With a vision of creating something better than boring old waterproofs, the Kidunk clothing team set out to produce a collection of cool and sassy childrens’ clothes. Clothes that are not only practical and comfortable but also easy to clean; water and stain resistant.

Sounds like a mission impossible but they’ve definitely managed it.

The Kidunk play-suits are made from a comfy, stretchy  and — most importantly — breathable material; (no boil in the bag children here). The twins are not restricted in their movement at all.

The exterior is Teflon coated (which means its able to resist stains and liquids). And fleece-lined inside; so little bodies are kept warm and dry.

The tops and bottoms zip together too — so they’re the perfect clobber for snowy adventures. No cold slush up the back when they’re skiing or making snow angels!!

Plus they have reinforced seams — and knees. It’s basically like wearing a very stretchy, comfortable suit of armour.

Kidunk Review
Poppers on the shoulders, to make it easy to get off and on
Kidunk Review
The Teflon coating repels water and resists staining
Kidunk Review
Double stitched seams for extra reinforcement
Kidunk Review
No restriction of movement at all!

Water Babies

The boys are literally in their element when they’re outside and playing in water.

Born under the sign of Pisces, my two little water babies love nothing more than splashing in a stream or indulging a spot of puddle jumping.

A couple of weekend’s ago — when we were staying up at my parent’s — we took a walk to the woods, where I spent much of my childhood.

There is a collection of springs there and during the summer holidays, the area used to be packed with children and their families. Everyone used to don their bathing costumes and the spring became a magical outdoor paddling pool.

I vividly remember how cold that water was. Even on the hottest day, the spring water felt like ice.

Fast forward 40 years and it was gorgeous to see my own children experiencing the same fun, that I did when I was their age.

The only difference being, it wasn’t the middle of summer. And they (thankfully) weren’t wearing bathing suits.

Kidunk Review
Joyful: Cosmo in his natural habitat
Kidunk Review
That smile xx

Time and Tide

Nope. No bathing suits but they were wearing their Kidunk playsuits.

So even though the water was cold, they were kept warm and relatively dry.

I say relatively; their shoes, sadly, didn’t have the same water expelling properties as the Kidunk suits.

By the time they’d finished splashing and stomping in the spring, their shoes were totally waterlogged.

Happily, Kidunk also sell Playshoes wellies on their website. They work perfectly with the suits and have a waterproof cuff — complete with a drawstring and stopper — for extra protection against the elements. We’ll know to take some along next time!

Although, the boys didn’t seem at all phased by their soggy feet.

When asked what their favourite thing about that weekend was, the answer — from both boys — was ‘going to the wood and splashing in the spring’.

So it seems, time marches on but the basics of fun remain the same.

Very sweet to see my little man-cubs enjoying the spring in exactly the same way I did, so many year’s ago.

So glad they had their magic suits of armour on though.

That water is as cold as I remember.

Thanks so much to the lovely team at Kidunk for kitting the boys out with their amazing suits, for the purposes of this review. Pop and have a look at their website for more info on their kidproof clothing.

Although this is a collaborative post, all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

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    • I just can’t believe that they genuinely kept them dry!! But they really did!! So nice to take them to places that I loved as a child. That water used to be bloody freezing in the summer though — I can’t get over that the boys were wading around in it in October!!! LOL!! They just didn’t care. What it is to be little eh? :) Thanks so much for stopping by lovely — I really do appreciate it xxxx

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