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Introducing The Playmobil VW Camper Van | AD

We were given the Playmobil Camper Van for the purposes of this review. All thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

I always wanted a VW Camper Van when I was younger.

They always seemed so much cooler than boring, beige caravans; and the hippy in me was desperate for a classic Volkswagen Split Screen Camper.

But time and tides change.

I realised that I prefer my creature comforts; like space — a shower and loo (and a comfy bed) — plus caravans don’t have to be beige and boring! They can be pretty and colourful, like Dolly 1 and Dolly 2.

Introducing The Playmobil VW Camper Van

When I was asked to review the Playmobil VW Camper Van recently, I jumped at the chance — obviously it’s really for the boys, but I feel like my childhood dream has finally come true.

Playmobil has worked with VW to create a perfect scaled down version of the Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus — it’s an official, licensed product and if — like me — you’ve always wanted a VW split screen camper, this is the perfect alternative to the real thing!

It’s a 74 piece set, that — as well as the vehicle — includes two little Playmobil people, and everything they need for a mini adventure.

So What’s In The Box?

You’ll find everything you need to build the van — including wheels, lights and all the interior components — even stickers to upholster the seats in the original 1960s check pattern.

And, as well as the VW vamper van itself, you’ll also find lots of dinky little accessories.

The boys — who are almost 8 —really enjoyed putting the Playmobil VW Camper together, in the main. But they did struggle to click a few of the components in place and needed help.

The Iconic VW Camper in Playmobil Form

We made a little film of the unboxing and building of the VW bus. The actual unboxing took quite some time…. ie TOO LONG!!!

The boys literally spent ages, looking at each piece in minute detail.

This wasn’t great for the purposes of a film so I’ve sped the up a little!

You’ll certainly see how beautifully Playmobil have captured the likeness of the iconic VW camper though. It’s fab.

So what did we think?

The boys and I LOVE it!

For anyone — like me — who always hankered after a classic VW camper, the Playmobil VW T1 Camping Bus, it’s a must.

As it says on the box, it’s suitable for kids aged 5 to 99 — so definitely not just for little ones.

It’s the perfect gift for VW lovers (and hippies like me) everywhere.

And in these crazy times, where adventures and camping trips are non-existent, a little bit of make-believe is just what we all need.

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