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Recently, as part of their Great Little Trading Testing Team duties (literally the BEST job ever!) my little man-cubs were asked to try out the GLTC Fix It Workbench.

A cool bit of kit for handy little boys and girls; especially ones like mine who regularly see their daddy using a big grown up version.

The workbench is made of chunky wooden pieces, that easily fix together. It took around 20 minutes to assemble. You don’t need to be a structural engineer — or have a degree in joinery — to put it together either.

Nice and simple!

That said, if you’re buying it as a gift, I’d suggest constructing it the night before, so your budding Handy Andy/Andrea doesn’t have to wait whilst it’s constructed. It’s much more impactful for little people to see the item, made up and ready to use.

Apologies in advance for the rubbish quality of my pictures. I decided to take photos on the darkest November day and no amount of brightening would take the grain out of them unfortunately.

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The GLTC Fix It Workbench

the GLTC Fix It Workbench
The GLTC Fix It Workbench in all it’s glory!
the GLTC Fix It Workbench
Cosmo-Bear — more like daddy every day.

It took all of 2 seconds for the boys to get stuck in and start emulating what they’ve seen their daddy do.

Over the last few months they’ve watched him in full DIY mode, as he’s taken on the arduous task of building my she-shed from the ground up.

His work-bench has had an absolute hammering — literally — as it’s been in use almost every weekend since the year began.

The GLTC Fix It Workbench is slightly more fancy than daddy’s. There are lots of sweet little touches — a clock and a mini chalkboard to-do list — plus all the tools a budding carpenter could possibly need.

the GLTC Fix It Workbench
Mini chalkboard — to do list.
Tools of the trade.
the GLTC Fix It Workbench

Everything is just the right size for little hands too.

A mini spanner, screw driver, hammer, saw and set-square are all included. Plus nuts, bolts and other bits and pieces for busy little people to get creative with.

Some of the pieces reminded me of Meccano but on a much bigger, chunkier, scale.

the GLTC Fix It Workbench
The perfect sized tools for little hands.
the GLTC Fix It Workbench
Nuts and bolts.

One negative is that it’s NOISY!!!

There has been a LOT of very important construction work happening since the boys have been testing the workbench out. And with that comes noise.

Mucho banging and crashing.

That said, it’s so good for promoting imaginative play that the noise, oddly, has given me hours of peace and quiet, as they’ve both been fully occupied.

One thing to bear in mind though — if you’re planning to buy this for twins (or for siblings) to share — I’d recommend buying the Fix It Tool set too. I think we will probably invest in this as there have been a few arguments over who has the hammer or the screw driver.

This additional set comes with it’s very own wooden tool box and contains a duplicate range of the tools that come with the GLTC Fix It Workbench.

For a peaceful life, I’d definitely suggest that it’s worth investing in, if you have two or more children who’ll be playing with the workbench at the same time.

the GLTC Fix It Workbench
Many hands make light work — and LOTS of noise!
the GLTC Fix It Workbench
Bertie in full Bob-The-Builder mode.

I’m such a big fan of wooden toys.

So much more tactile — and better looking — than plastic. This is the kind of toy that you really don’t mind giving house-room to, because it’s so charming.

The workbench has given the boys endless hours of amusement. And, unlike last month when it was tantrum central, peace has reined.

They’ve been getting on so well and playing so nicely together. Although there’s definitely been another shift in their dynamic.

It used to be clear that Cosmo was the most dominant of the two; possibly because he’s always done everything first maybe? I don’t know.

But recently Bertie has been ruling over his younger brother (by a minute) with a rod of iron. I sometimes feel as though Cosmo is getting a raw deal; it must be so frustrating to have someone constantly bossing you or muscling in on your game.

That said, it wasn’t too long ago that the boot was on the other foot. And I think this is probably true for any sibling relationship. The equilibrium shifts and the balance of power moves from one to the other, with lightening speed.

But anyway. The little GLTC Fix It Workbench has been a great bonding tool. I’ve been watching them at play; learning to share and work together. And that — like the workbench — is a wonderful thing indeed.

Long may it continue.

the GLTC Fix It Workbench
Little siblings in November

I am proud to be a GLTC testing team member this year but all thoughts, words and images, as ever, are entirely my own.

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  1. This looks fab and it looks like boys love it and it’s big enough for them both to get stuck into. Amelia has the fix it tool kit and loves using it with Gramps and sometimes mummy and then gramps again when he has to sort out what I’ve just done lol! She would love this!! Must be interesting to watch the power balance swap about between them as they grow xx


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